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How Free-Range Spirituality May Apply to You.


I’ve used the term free-range spirituality several times recently without really considering what it meant. I plucked it from the ether, and I like it.

It helps put a label on something that is essentially indefinable. My faith.

So, to clarify for myself and for those who are wondering, here is a loose definition of free-range spirituality, so that you can see if you happen to be a free-ranger too. Also, I invite you to add your own interpretations in the comments below, for that is the nature of free-range, it is something free and fluid and as unique as the individual!

Free-range spirituality is based on whatever the hell you want it to be. After centuries of spirituality being very dogmatically defined to us, it gives you permission to believe whatever the heck feels right, in any way you wish and without any kind of abiding rules. It draws on your personal experiences, with life, with spirit, with a rainbow of feelings and inner knowings.

It is undeniably a part of everything, and creatively interpreted dependent on your situation, mood, life challenges.

Free-range spirituality asks nothing of you. It just is, pervasive and part of everything. It is there in your happy, it is there in your sad. It is a connection to something that feels, on a cellular level, to be all, and yet is indescribable.

It visits your dreams, shows up in signs, glimmers across a lake to you as the sun is setting and you just feel something. It was that kiss, that moment, those words, an understanding, a symbol. It goes far beyond the constrictions of words.

You might borrow a little from other faiths, but only in the sense that they borrow from each other. Nature, her synchronicities, spirals and patterns are a big influence on my spirituality. But I am not a Shaman, nor am I a Witch. I’m a person spiritually connected, motivated and magically empowered by the world in which I currently find myself. I believe in a life after this, but I am not a Spiritualist or a Christian.

I simply know on a heartfelt level, and because of my personal evidence that this life is not all. There is more, so much more, cosmically more.

As far as tools of the free-range spirit go, most of mine are bits of Mother Earth. The ammonite fossil on my altar, the small number of crystals I find scattered throughout my handbags. My garden. It is being in the outside, the sunshine, the moon, wishing on a star. Then there are my tarot, and meditation and the energy healing I was taught in 60 minutes as a child by my Wiccan father.

They fit nicely, for they are what I know. Feel free to apply what you know, be that art, creativity, something your grandmother shared with you, your parenting, your cookery, the way you care for others or animals, and your mad tantric skills in the bedroom. Apply what fits, make it your sacred.

At the heart of free-range spirituality sit whatever concepts you find yourself challenged and enmeshed in. Your life lessons and those that capture your heart being the gospel necessary to follow, to feature, to commit oneself to.

And whilst free-range spirituality puts you at the heart of Spirit, it equally ripples out to the causes and difficulties of this world. For as you experience connection with all things, so your heart beats hard for others and their troubles. This is not done in a vacuum. Your spirituality inevitably becomes a place from which you can support, speak, and stand for others.

As for magic, you believe in it. As for science, you believe in that too probably, especially the fascinating cutting-edge stuff that makes some kind of exciting sense of your spirit. You find power in this life, and sense in the senseless. You have faith and hope, and allow those things to decorate life in ways that make you your very own priestess and guru.

That is my take on what free-range spirituality is. The possibility of anything, the connection to everything, the freedom to craft it precisely as it arises to you, for the grit of your very imperfect life.


Alice Grist is a mother, author and artist.She shares her perspective on Spiritual Creative Motherhood on her Cosmic Mother Blog, where you can also find out about her books, online tarot workshop, and the tarot deck she painted with her 4-year-old daughter.


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