Make Time for the Music, Take Time for the Memories.


Let me start by saying I am by no means or will I ever be a music critic, or even a professional musician, and though I have been paid to play and have had my time on stage, it has mostly just been a hobby for me.

I am just writing this as a reminder, because I believe, as a society we are losing our passion for good music and our individual music heritage at an alarming rate. We are losing some of our favorite songs in the shuffle of our playlists, and as we are losing the songs, we are also losing our appreciation for the arts in general in the shuffle of our everyday lives.

We are losing the songs that evoke true raw emotions and memories of amazing and not so amazing times in our lives. These songs are things to be treasured, cherished, and more importantly, shared.

Music has always been and always will be one of the purest forms of human communication. Through music we can convey feelings of love, hurt, desire, need, joy, passion, even movement and reflection, and so many more emotions in a myriad expressions we may not be able to convey in our everyday lives.

For me, personally, music has always been tied to memories, or vice versa, when my memories are rooted by the music I heard at certain moments in my life.

Memories like driving through a Montana pass with mountains on every side and a river running wild through them, blasting Adele’s newest album at that time, with my mom (my best friend), singing Rolling in the Deep together at the top of our lungs.

Or like listening to that same album driving by myself down the mountains on my way home from a tough day and really listening to He won’t go for the first time and pulling over to cry at the raw emotion this song filled me with.

It wasn’t that the words were even close to my own story, but the fact that even though the stories were so vastly different, the emotions were rooted in a sameness that was compelling to my soul.

Remembering moments like the first time I ever heard Rockin’ Robin sung by The Jackson 5, and how it just made my very uncoordinated body want to move and dance in ways that I never thought I could — my kitchen has never seen more awful dancing, I’m quite sure.

Or more recently, when the bass line for Let you be right by Meghan Trainor grabbed me and inextricably pulled me into that song. I was driving to work car-dancing and steering-wheel-drumming at my very best. Passing other drivers along the way, some looking at me like I had gone completely crazy and others laughing and smiling along with me.

The pure emotions that these and so many other songs bring is something irreplaceable in our society. Music connects us regardless of our different socioeconomic backgrounds, across lines of race or religion, and when we lose our passion for music and the arts is when we have truly lost the best of ourselves.

Maybe music isn’t the root to your memories, but I am quite certain there is a soundtrack to your life. There is at least one memory, whether positive or negative, within your mind that is intrinsically wrapped with chords and a melody.

We as a society need to continue to make time for the music, take time for the memories, and create opportunities for the pursuit of music in artists who have a gift for music. If your child has a desire or a gift to play music or is artistic in any way, encourage them. If your friend from work has a weekend gig and invites you, just go. If the song on the radio makes you want to dance, dance like no one is watching.

If you don’t know all the words, hum along anyway. You never know, that song may be the title track to your life’s EP.


Ashley Faith works as a Finance Manager for a small car dealership and as the Business Manager for a metal artist’s shop. She has been a singer/songwriter and poet for as long as she can remember, only more recently has she been feeling the need to write more, and to say the things that are in her heart about life, love, happiness and finding herself in the midst of losing herself completely, because it took her so completely losing herself in her work, her life and her friendships to really find herself again.


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