When in the Wild World, Think with the Body.


The Wild World is always speaking. Can you hear it? Are you listening? Breathe through your nose at the edge of the sea.

Let the briny echoes of mermaids and sirens come to you on the wind. Let the downy hairs on the back of your neck rise with the tides.

The Wild World is always speaking. It has many languages: all sensory. Learn how to understand with the instrument of your body. Answer with the jiggle of your belly, the rocking of your hips, the pounding of your chest, the soft pads of your bare feet. Learn how wolves stay warm in the mountains.

When in the wildness, think with the body. Feel with the mind. Only then can you remember how you walked upon the water, giddy with Light. The sea will part at the rising of your hand.

The Wild World is elemental, and the breath of Soul wants your attention. Open your wings. Let the wind do the work. Be, for one holy moment, unbridled. It doesn’t matter where you land, so long as it is fertile. For wherever you go, there the Great Mystery goes as well.

Sniff out the way. Make it if you have to. There is no prefabricated place you will find, that can hold your wild divinity. Learn from the moss. Find your true North, and go that way. Ignore the herd that’s going South. You have been there before.

The Wild World will restore your majesty. How long have you survived, and then died, without it? How many times did you kneel for your bread? How long since you’ve remembered that aliveness is free? How long since you slept under the glorious night sky, and heard the owl flap its wings?

The Wild World is always speaking. Are you listening? Can you hear with your feet? Those are drums, beneath the soil, beating, strong and steady, at the heart of the world. Let your own heart, find this natural rhythm once again. Pull the buzzing chaos from your chest, and let the blue jays remind you of the lullaby God sang when you were born.

Be soft and moist, like soil. Listen to the stories of earthworms and rocks. They will teach you about death and fire. Stand at the lip of the volcano, and call back the virgin sacrifice. Let the lava tell you how it was. The old gods don’t deserve you. They cannot grant new life. You are their replacements, crackling with lightning, pouring out compassion.

The Wild World is always speaking. It is calling to you now. Come home, and remember freedom. Be liberated back into your own nature. Howl loudly, from your belly. Crack the greenhouse walls. Overgrow your captivity, and you will finally see that all the world lives to love you.


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Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi is the creator of The Wildness Deck; she is a writer, a creative consultant, and spiritual teacher coaching Wild Women back to the arts of creation and embodiment through ceremony, creativity, and oracular feats of wildness and wonder. When she splits off from the pack, you may find Alison howling at the moon through a thick canopy of trees, singing songs with trumpeting daffodils, or dancing her embodied prayers around a campfire, mud in her hair. Like Alison on Facebook or send an email to be added to her mailing list.
Alison Nappi