Live Life in Love. {poetry}


I find myself living in this world with unpredictable events happening on an everyday basis. These conflicts and struggles present suffering from so many angles.

This suffering is evident in all of these actions. There is an obvious separation between actions and actions with intention from the heart. There is such an abundance of fear surrounding us that we don’t take the time to feel safe — to feel safe in the love all around us, to feel safe in our hearts.

Actions from the heart help make that of the world beat at a higher level. They are not from a place of fear, but from a place of freedom to create connection and compassion.This heart-work is meant to heal and find deeper meaning. When we begin to love what is easy to love, then this love will grow and grow until we are able to love what is all around us.

All that we are able to create will come from a place of love, so when conflict arises around us, the roots of love will be so deep that they won’t even shake. This will lead to a life where it is possible to live in love all of the time.


If I have a time limit here on this earth,
Then I want to spend my time in love.
Falling in love.
Being in love.
Soaking in love.
Dripping love.

To live in a constant state of love.
Feeling this essence so deep in my heart.
It will exist in every cell that makes up the body of me.
Be in the breath that swirls in my lungs.
Exhale this pure feeling back into the world.

Surrounding myself with this elevated feeling of energy.
Creating an environment that stirs only sweetness.

When in the darkness, I will follow the light inside that will lead me back to my heart.

I will fall into this feeling like a hard rain covering the ground.
Flowing with it like the waves of a great river.
Journeying to the depths of this great ocean that it contains.

I will settle in and live in this state.
Just as an enchanted forest, always growing, always changing, always letting go.
Living in love, transforming shape everyday.

I will soak in the moonlight, reflecting from the sun, sinking in through my skin.
Bathing in starlight to help me glow from within.

I will be in the action of love every minute.

Every word from my mouth will hold this feeling, setting into all hearts that are listening.

Every touch a tender exchange to connect body to body.
Embracing this energy for others to know how to trust in an energy to hold within.

Even the scent of me will be of honeysuckles or the freshness after a much needed rain or of the soil that grows life to feed all who live.

Love every minute.
Love every hour.
Love every day.
Love all of this life.
Love all of this time.

When the love ends,
More will begin again.

I will always allow light to shine from within.


Audrey Wojciechowski is a realist who believes in miracles. A hopeless romantic who believes in letting go. She loves finding inspiration in moments, conversations, nature, and the world around her. A strong lover of life and heart worker, she spends as much time here on this earth helping others dive deeper into the love and gratitude inside of them to feel as deeply as possible.


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