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An Ode to the Womb.

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Your womb tells stories of the present, the past, and what is yet to come.

Your womb is an ancient secret-keeper, a keeper of keys.

She is the seer of the future and a welcome voyeur of what occurs beyond the veils.

More than ever now, she’d like to share with you the stories of ancient priestesses and their rituals of the sacred rites of the womb.

Your sisters of the heart and spirit, praying under the full moon, gathering in circle by the fire, chanting the names of their ancestors and wailing sounds of wisdom and remembrance from the depths of their deep inner gnosis through cosmic frequency.

If you’d only listen, your womb would share with you how you once convened in temple, or merged with the fertile Earth in conscious consecration. She’d like to tell you about the wise women, who predicted floods and invasions from the cosmic information contained in the consistency of their moon blood. She would share with you her ancient knowledge of being an alchemical vessel of love and transmutation.

An energetic master.

An alchemist.

She would show you how you and your sisters once anointed the third eye of babies and men in blessing with your monthly moon — sacred elixir that flows between your thighs…

Those who honored this sacred rite were protected by divine right.

Health, wealth and blessings came to those who respected the blood, who honored the sacredness of your moon flow: a cyclical birth with each moonly release — a time for rest, creation, dreaming, rejuvenation and sacred implementation of your holy visions of divine instruction.

The DNA of your ancestors is ingrained in the flesh of your womb.

When you (alchemically) drink from your blood, you drink from your mothers, and her mothers; you drink from Mary’s (Mari), Eve’s (Aeva’s), Sophia’s and Magdalene’s. You drink of Yahweh in the alchemical passing of knowledge and expansion of consciousness — your womb a disciple and actor of the collective Akasha.

The information and education of all times, through space and time… accessible between your legs.

This warm sacrament, the holy consistency of life itself.

As the gateway of potent medicine of ancient future time, your womb is a cosmic star map, a navigation system, a time-traveler to all known and unknown dimensions.

Your womb is a divine communication system, intended for interstellar communication.

Upon your will you may meet your cosmic guides and be taken to places beyond your comprehension, for the human mind not to grasp and conceptualize, but to feel and to experience like it is the home of feminine wisdom.

The Source of all there is gave humankind the womb as a tool for cosmic connection within and without, and to create all life that is to be anchored here on Earth with divine love and intention.

Your womb is a healer, a restorer of the most sacred parts of yourself.

The womb will bring clarity and a return of true love and justice to Earth.

Returning the blood to Earth as an offering is a sacred act of holy union with the Mother planet.

Your womb is a pleasure-seeker. Shakti-fire burns for alchemical creation inside your bones. She creates life Herself, ultimate homemaker, the woman: the cradle of communities — the center point of creation, exit stop upon the infinite milky way.

You have the capability to bathe in an orgasm of ideas and execute your holy visions at sovereign will.

Your womb, a cosmic idea-pod receiving and transmitting enlightened, enlivened cells, always; your personal divinity sparking connections of holy matrimony with each and every single organism around you.

Man too has the chance to create consciously with and through a woman.

To the womb, the fertile soil, the man offers semen for his vision of the world, for his ideas to take root and manifest into creation past conception.

Seed to Soil.

Soil to the Seed.

Through the garden of our hearts we wander and water buds of sorrow, love and passion, and hope they blossom into flowers — a paradise, a jungle — for the heart and soul hand-in-hand to stroll.

One must enter in complete alignment and consent for new dimensions to shift into a positive reality.

If dishonored, the womb will rebel. She will unconsciously take on the patterning of the male and his previous partners. As the alchemical wishing-well which she is, that which was received will come to pass again and again into creation through the woman as an empty vessel, whether she understands this fully or not.

All is not lost.

The womb can rebirth herself every month, and so can you with conscious intention and affirmation.

When man and woman come together in divine union as purified vessels through pure heart intention, magic happens.

Time shape-shifts, a multitude of worlds blend into one.

Spirits conceived in holy hieros gamos possess a great destiny and are blessed beyond divinity. They will do great healing in the world.

One day your womb will be part of your futures past, your daughters and their daughters, woven into a ultimate web of other wombs of light…

… the Flower of eternal Life.

Your womb is connected to all wombs of life forming the spiral of creation and extinction that is the universe.

The gateway of life and death speaks many languages encoded in cellular format, which can be heard clearly, in silence.


She whispers to you.

Place one hand on your heart.

Another on your womb(space).

Really listen into the stillness and the silence.





Maxi Lichtenberg is a wordsmith, creatrix and alchemist. As the alchemist, she identifies as everything — or everyone — a manifestation of energy as simple as being a “Spirit.” She has been gifted the title of “The Bridge” by the more subtle realms, and is living her life in a way which allows her to connect the spiritual to the society we currently live in order to bridge understanding, and even trigger ancient or cosmic remembrance. Through writing, she hopes to elevate the messages and the cries of our (collective) subconscious and bring them to the surface. Only then is it possible to activate a process of healing and the purging of the dark and often painful, to return us to Oneness as divine agents of light.


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