The Future Is the Past. {poetry}

{Photo credit: Steve Ryan}


The world transformed to dust at last,
A shattered sky to pieces of glass,
My hands they crumbled,
But not yet trembled,
A tree was burning,
The ashes were churning,
Fragments of life spinning through this madness,
My face was grinning through the sadness,
An emotion in pieces has seen its last,
A droplet of ocean taken from the vast,
There can be no greater meaning,
To the one in which we’re leaning,
Into the shadow of our deathly shame,
In which we all become the same,
The wind has whispered this is coming,
I stared at the moon and it was falling,
I thought I knew the day,
But much to my dismay,
I did not know a thing,
The end it did now ring,
I reached my hands to catch the sun,
On beach and land I could not run,
A world in pieces had me laughing,
A world on fire was not worth grasping,
I lay beneath the stars to cease,
For in this chaos I found great peace.

My eyes they opened, I felt the wind
My lies forgotten, and so were the sins
A world was one of love and heat
Distantly done, and now repeats
Perhaps a difference could begin
Relapsed of goodness, large and thin
Could the good come back, and lead?
Or do I wake to just a dream?
The pieces they did swirl and burn
I questioned, will this earth still turn?
But now I seemed awake to see
A magical hopeful fantasy
Would I be there hand and hand?
A kiss to kiss, on my demand?
Would I feel his warm embrace?
Or is this dust his only trace?
Perhaps now the world is whole
The stars, the sun and the black hole

For if I can no longer see
A lascivious act for I and he
I wish to return and close my eyes
This future here I do despise
Lay me back below stars
Destroy Earth but keep Mars
We are the aliens to our universe
I wish the day we could reverse
To a time in which we are not here at all
The autumn leaves untouched in fall
The ocean waves to stir and drive
The way the sea had wished to thrive
To kill each other, to kill the land
The hate, the envy must turn to sand
Love seems weak,
And havoc wreaks
I tried to give, I didn’t take,
Love is to which I relate,
but not this societal fate

I wake again and evermore
Too scared to die, I must ignore
Society which we implore
My love I’ll give ’til I shake the hand
Of death himself and turn to sand.


Jenna Rubin was born a freedom fighter. A rebel to society, she dropped out of high school and deemed herself a philosopher. Questioning society all of her life, she became drawn to the comfort of nature. The sound of the ocean, a place to lay her head, and a lack of hunger are all she needs to be happy. She has found this lifestyle in San Diego, CA where she spends her time wandering, moving, and revolting against social norms such as marriage, makeup, technology and employment. She believes living simply, and connecting with others through love, is the only way to beat the system.


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