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Stay Longer and Raise Your Entire Being up in the Threshold of Sexual Pleasure.


I’ve increased my orgasmic pleasure through staying at that threshold of pleasure, in those feelings and sensations right before full release orgasm.

This has helped me in all areas of my life. Staying concentrated at my threshold of pleasure has caused me to become more integral to myself. Because I have become accustomed to being more focused on my pleasure, I am in turn more concentrated on bringing my life’s work into the world. As a matter of fact, I care way more about everything and everyone.

I have made space for myself to explore my pleasure. As a result, more space is what I am naturally giving to all things that I do in life. This has helped me differentiate between the things I was doing that were worth my time and energy, and those that were not as aligned with my true purpose. By practicing giving myself pleasure for longer and more frequently and regularly, I have become a wiser being.

Staying in that pleasure zone increases our ability to stay there, making it more of a normal thing for us to focus on our pleasure. Oftentimes for women, this is a foreign concept. In our rushed manner that we’ve been taught to do everything, very much including sex, so much has been cut out of the natural sexual energy pathways for women.

We are often led to believe that there is something wrong with us if we do not orgasm quickly during sex. In truth, what women need is to feel that she has all the time in the world to dedicate to her long, slow rising of her feminine sexual stimulation. The more times a woman rises in sexual pleasure onto a plateau, the more sexual energy she has scooped up from within for her orgasm.

The more plateaus, which are rises up to almost an orgasm, a woman has before her orgasm, the more explosive, full, opening, and healing her orgasm will be.

In ancient times and still in some indigenous groups around the world, women were known to bring back needed messages and visions that she receives in extreme pleasure and orgasm. Women are natural shamans when they take time to honor their orgasm, their body, their whole system, and their pleasure.

Over time in our Western culture, we have adopted a fast pace of living over the honorable. One of the most gross examples of this in my opinion is the way women have shrunken down their own sexuality in lieu of trying to become what they think they should be. In no other area have I seen this greater than in their sexuality.

Most of us have a whole world to open up inside ourselves. And unfortunately, still there are not a lot of people not talking about this, nor doing anything to draw attention to this area of life for women. The subject is a very vulnerable one for women to show their truth.

Feeling your vagina’s back wall push into the front wall increasing pressure causes your clitoris to become more stimulated. With this increased pressure, a woman will feel increased pleasure. This is because it presses more blood flow into the clitoris, which has a whopping 8000 nerve endings. In contrast, a male’s penis only has 4000 nerve endings.

This feeling of pressure causing increased pleasure in the clitoris is one of many minute happenings within a female’s sexual arousal that could easily be bypassed if she didn’t allow herself time to just sink in and feel.

This staying in the threshold of sexual pleasure helps women in all areas in our life.

It helps us burn away guilt.

By staying in a pleasure zone with ourselves, especially in an area where many of us have been taught that we were not supposed to indulge in, leads us to stretch ourselves farther away from guilt and into deeper self-realization.

Then, in the other areas in our life we realize where we have been holding ourselves back due to what we’ve been taught. And, we naturally decide to let go of those things. This is called releasing old agreements in the ancient Toltec and in the modern-day Warrior Goddess language.

May we continue to get to know ourselves deeper by way of feeling our pleasure, and enjoy the hell out of the super-long and intense orgasms we will experience as a result.


Leahanne Woods Smith is a mother of two sons, and lives in western NC. She is a shaman, Warrior Goddess, yogini, writer, and avid Tantric sex practitioner. She also creates and sells unique necklaces and divination tools that she makes from natural materials. She loves solo camping and hiking in the mountains.


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