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Is It Worth Defending Your Rightness at the Expense of Owning Your Power?


As we get deeper and deeper into Neptune’s transit through Pisces (the last time, this transit was the lead-up to the Civil War), I’m noticing more and more that people are, right and left, getting eaten alive by the righteousness beast.

The righteousness beast is my term for when you have been taken over by the belief that some particular other is so evil and wrong that the only correct way to interact with them — or more likely, talk about them from a safe distance — is with condescending righteousness, because naturally, for them to have opposing views can only possibly mean that they are, in fact, insane and dangerous.

Today I would like to try and open your mind to another way to view these others. One that might allow you to give those people their humanity back, and reconnect more with your own in the process.

To do this, let’s start with a question.

What if someone came up to you right now and said “Oh, you’re just turquoise” in a condescending tone? How would you react?

For most of us, we would shrug and say “Uh, sure…” and walk away thinking that that person was a little off their rocker.

But here’s the important part, we wouldn’t be affected by it because being turquoise means nothing to us. Nothing in our identity relates to being turquoise, so we aren’t affected by it one way or the other.

We have no reason for it to affect our sense of how we view ourselves, because we don’t have a collective belief system relating to being turquoise.

Now, let’s say, when you’re born, you learn from the world around you that you are turquoise. You also learn that being turquoise means you have less power than those individuals who are green. You get this message from media, from your parents, and from lots and lots of people you interact with. You get it pounded into your head from stories you read and movies you watch, and from the mouths of those you look up to.

This permeates your consciousness so much that you start believing it.

When someone says, “Who do you think you are, don’t you realize you’re turquoise? You can’t do/have/think that,” you feel deeply hurt, and possibly even ashamed. You adopt the collective belief that green is good and turquoise is bad.

You also probably grow up to believe that green people are the source of all of your problems. “If those green people over there would just stop hating on turquoise people, then all my problems would be solved.”

But you remember your first reaction to being called turquoise? How that was such a random way to divide people that you didn’t really have a strong reaction one way or the other to it?

That’s still the reality.

It’s still just as random to divide people up into green and turquoise.

It’s still your choice to not have that bother you.

It’s still your choice to not have that take you away from seeing how unique and powerful you are.

Now for the hard part.

I want you to replace green with men, and turquoise with women. Or green with Republican, or white people, or rich people, or whoever else you have decided has more power over you.

It’s no different.

My purpose in saying this is to empower you and free you from feelings of helplessness, and the first step to owning your power is owning your reality.

Most people get hung up on this because they feel that truly believing this invalidates their deeply entrenched feelings and belief patterns that they have held onto for their entire lives. I believe feelings are incredibly, incredibly important, and should never be pushed aside or made to feel as wrong.

Your feelings are valid.

All I’m suggesting is, what if your way out of victimhood did not solely rest upon waiting for the doing or undoing of something out there which will always be outside of your control, but instead was entirely something within your control because in the end it has only ever been in here?

What if seeing someone as more powerful than you, seeing them as the source of our troubles, is a way we as humans cope with not feeling empowered ourselves, not yet realizing that our empowerment and self-actualization are only ever in our own hands?

What if we free ourselves from the blinders of black-and-white thinking of It’s their fault I’m not happy that we’re constantly surrounded with in our society, and instead see if there isn’t a better way.

What if power is not created from an outside source?

What if true power and freedom is realizing that the actions and viewpoints of another do not inhibit our own actions and viewpoints, and that part of creating our own reality is deciding what you enjoy being around, and then letting the rest go on their merry way?

What if there is no collective power, and in truth the only reality is our individual power?

There is no them. There is only us. We’re all in this together, and regardless of who you believe threw the first stone, it’s never worked or will work to throw an equal stone back.

See how those people over there have the same humanity you do.

If you want more peace in the world, be peace.

If you want more love in the world, be love.

And the biggest challenge is to show that peace and show that love to everyone.

And I mean every single one.

So, to my liberal friends, show love and peace to conservatives. And even to Trump himself. To my POC friends, show love and peace to racists. To my badass feminist friends, show love and peace to rapists.

“Whoa,” you say, “you can’t really mean that. I mean, sure I want peace and love, but for everyone but them! They started it! It’s their fault!”

And therein lies the challenge.

Do you create a reality of peace, or do you stay in victimhood because you’re right?

No one has power over you unless you give it to them.

Is it worth defending your rightness at the expense of your own empowerment?

It’s all a choice.

Own your power.

Let’s be done with believing in victimhood.

Let’s change this world.

{Photo credit: Veronica Smith}


Veronica Smith works with individuals to help them find clarity on their life’s purpose and strengthen their personal power through her astrological and empathic abilities. She has been a professional astrologer since 2012, working with clients from all over the US and Europe. In 2013, she combined her love of art with astrology to create the first Soul Map Mandalas, symbolic paintings of one’s Soul Contract. And in 2017, she began to feel the call of teaching her intuitive wisdom to others. Now Soul Map Mandalas has grown to include workshops, talks, and other community events aimed at empowering others through the art of astrology, as well as several courses that guide you into embracing your inner astrologer


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