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Be a Warrior Goddess: Uplift Your Man from Good to Great.


If you want a great man, you need to be willing to train one. They don’t grow on trees, nor are they given up for adoption at the good men shelter.

Some men need a Warrior Goddess, the kind of woman who shakes them up and leaves a tantalizing scent behind, to bring them first to their knees then to higher consciousness. Your task as a Warrior Goddess is to give him the highest level of love you can and truthful feedback with your heart open as you tell him how high you want him to jump.

He may not like you too much in those moments, but he will love and respect you forever for what you have done for him. To show his gratitude for your help in him becoming the great man that he is, he will sprinkle fairy dust on your walkway and read you the Sunday newspaper. He will move mountains, stop rivers from flowing, and grow wings to take you to the stars.

He will do this in presence, attention, adoration, respect, or as tickets to see your favorite comedian live in NYC.

In order to keep you, he is forced to get committed to his path of becoming. On this path, he learns to own his choices, show up with integrity, and to grow the balls to dig deep inside himself to excavate the soul-truths he has forgotten about.

He will sometimes look to you to find his center.  Especially when he needs an entryway into the feminine energy inside of him, and at times when he needs to re-calibrate his heart. He will turn into a puppy in your hands.

Those are the times when he will feel most grateful that you are as strong as you are. He won’t be afraid to melt in front of you or with you. You will teach him how to shed old patterns and build new ones that elevate his vibration.

You will push him to reclaim his feminine side, and ask him to take back the projection of compassion, nurturing, and emotional versatility that he has placed on you without seeking them within himself.

How Do You Become a Warrior Goddess?

If you are a goddess-in-training, you are probably going through hell right now. Your life did not start out easy. It might not too be far-fetched to imagine that you didn’t have very supportive parents or didn’t grow up in an environment conducive to finding your own feminine power. No, I don’t feel pity for you. I bow to you for the courage it took for your soul to take on this mission in this lifetime.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to get interested in yourself, build an arsenal of self-truths that make up the real you, develop your own style, and practice voicing truth with love. You want a relationship with a great man? This is the path that will get you there.

Why Is It Your Job? Why Doesn’t God Just Drop Great Men on the Planet, so We Can All Live Happily Ever After?

I ask you, dear Warrior Goddess, how can you honor the Divine Feminine in you without getting entangled in some big act of creation? How will you hone your skills as a master Warrior Goddess if you have no dragons to tame, toilets to scrub or tears to cry? A Warrior Goddess earns her rank by what she works through and how she comes out in the end.

The truth is, you need him to upgrade with you, not just for you. You need him to balance your own male and female energies, and learn how to let a man be his own man without boxing him into your own Hollywoodized template. This way, you get a man who gives you an opportunity to be your own woman — in this case, a Warrior Goddess.

If you want a great man, you will have to train one by stepping into your role as a Warrior Goddess. The chances are, he had been waiting for you to catapult himself into his version of the Divine Masculine who will offer not only his seed to life, but also do his own part in nurturing it to its greatness.

Every woman can be a Warrior Goddess, even those who don’t know it yet. When you are swimming in a pool of muck, drama, pain, trauma or abuse, think about this: That title doesn’t come easy. You can waste your time and energy lollygagging for the rest of your life, or you can claim your seat in the school of Warrior Goddesses along with many who have come before you.

You will need to carve your own brand of goddess energy out of your soul. You are here to help raise the consciousness of humanity, and heal the Divine Feminine spirit from centuries of disrespect and abuse by healing yourself and the people you encounter. You will heal humanity, not by bearing children, but birthing the empowered you who asks her man to break out of his patriarchal training to be her match.

This way, we can restore what was hacked out of us and give back what we took from them in order to balance the dishonoring of the feminine spirit in each of us.

What If You’re Not Ready to Hear the Call?

This is not your last call, dear prospective Warrior Goddess. I know that it is not the first either. Anytime you hesitate to jump on the wagon with the rest of us, remember that the call will get louder. Soon, you won’t be able to silence the call. You will fall on your knees and ask to be shown the way and your fears to be turned into bronze statues.

The call will come from all directions. It will show up as men who treat you poorly, as a book getting your attention at the bookstore, an article you read posted randomly by one of your Facebook friends, etc. Regardless, it will be there. Don’t look for it. It will find you.


banu-100x135Banu Sekendur is an intuitive coach and a healer. Her passion is removing mental, emotional and energetic blocks that prevent people from living a joyful life. You can connect with her on Facebook and her website.


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