The Power of Prayer.


The power of prayer is potent. Think of the sun piercing powerful rays of light from heaven to the earth’s floor. This is the way that prayers work.

The vibration of its communication cuts through our mind clutter and creates a clear, direct channel to God.

It is this energy that tethers our earth bodies directly to celestial beings — the angels and guides who are here to help and partner with our every earthly move. They receive our highest asks and respond. Each and every time.

Feedback to our prayers may appear in many different ways, shapes, and flavors. In fact, each reply is tailor-made. This is the magic of the angelic realm.

Sometimes our prayers are answered rather immediately. We may watch them unfold like a rose. Other times the answers take time to reveal. They wind their way through life’s mystery like a maze with twists, turns, and even dead ends along the way.

But remember, the dead end is never really the stopping point. It is merely an illusion. A signal from the Universe to turn the gaze inward, regroup, reorient and pray some more.

Other times, the answers to our prayers may come through as direct guidance. These answers may feel tangible where we can almost feel them take shape. Things get super clear and organized, and understandings or next steps present in diamond clarity. This energy taps directly into body awareness where we realize that the answer already lay within.

Answers to our prayers manifest this way — inside of the body.

The sacred body, our heart and guts, are our true intelligence. The power of prayer speaks to these parts. This is where the aha moments of inquiry and response flood in all all-knowing way. The knowing energy washes over our vessels like a calm batch of all is okay and then speaks to the mind. In other words, the response to prayer overrides the ego mind by speaking directly to the body.

The mind is the place of free-will. When we respond from here, unconscious patterns of ancestry, conditioning, and collective consciousness may appear. Our human desires for control and action may bulldoze spiritual principles like faith and trust. Where the fuck its take place and actions, perhaps later regretted, seem fair for a time.

The space we want to consider more deeply is the rooted wisdom inside the body and self-love. For self-connection and unconditional self-love is God. This births free and clear energy where the understandings from the angelic realm play free.

So when we are in need of answers, clarity, guidance, and help, we pray from this place. We sink deep into our hearts and energetically connect to the sacred matrix of life and simply ask. We ask our angels and guides that their wisdom be imparted to us, and sit in peace. We practice openness, willingness and patience — spiritual principles at work.

Remember, the power of prayer is potent. And you are a powerful being. By diving into your body and praying for guidance, a direct relationship to higher realms is crafted. And it’s this richness of support that we are meant to remember on our earth journey. It’s our divine nature tapping directly into the divine grid that we are here to practice, and prayer is the conduit.

In the end, if you need proof of prayer’s power or that it even exists, the best place to start is by asking. Connect with your team of guides and pray for your answers. The clarity will come. For through the power of prayer, answers to life’s journey will always unfold.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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