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Faces of the Patriarchy: Challenging Catalysts to Remembering Our Power.

What’s been coming through very strongly for me the past several years but feels to be increasingly intensifying in the past several weeks is that we are currently facing a very significant time in history of the patriarchy crumbling, as the Divine Feminine rises into Her embodied power and remembers who She is.

Momentum is building rapidly as what we know as time speeds up, and there feels to be last intense albeit futile attempts by the patriarchy to keep the Divine Feminine from remembering Her power — through many avenues and realms, one of them being people in the physical form symbolizing the face of patriarchy.

Many women, and some men I know, have been in situations such as relationships, jobs or communities where their voice has been silenced, their truth squelched, their medicine demonized, their way of being criticized or vilified, or they’ve been cast out from their community altogether.

Additionally, women have been in toxic relationships which can sometimes mirror soul mate or false twin soul connections, with men who are masquerading as the Sacred Masculine while using a concoction of spiritual jargon, control, manipulation and gaslighting to confuse and entrap — an aspect which can cause additional doubt, loss of faith or trust in oneself, further entanglement, and women to stay in relationships long past their due date. 

Ultimately these connections have been draining women of their energy, diminishing their light, or distracting them from their true path of remembering who they are. These connections are not centered in love, even if it might appear that way.

To me, this is nothing personal, because it seems the men in these scenarios are simply being used by darker forces which are fighting hard to keep the Divine Feminine from rising and standing in Her power.

The men who are able to be used in this way are often very wounded and fragmented, sometimes with narcissistic tendencies or who are open to entity attachments or have a weak or broken link to the Divine. I have seen this with my own eyes. In some cases it is unconscious and unintentional, and sometimes it is conscious and malevolent. I have experienced both, as I’m sure many have.

Sometimes these connections are karmic in nature, and ultimately they can serve the woman in rediscovering her power though harsh means, because often it takes drastic measures to get us to wake up to the fact that ‘Enough is enough!’ Being through the intense ringer can drive us to break free of these chains and bonds we have found ourselves in. 

So these faces of the patriarchy can actually serve us in the long run as challenging catalysts to remembering our power. It all depends on how we choose to look at it and use any circumstance for our highest good. We don’t have to demonize or hate on the patriarchy. I see the patriarchy as part of the collective shadow, but I feel, mixed in with that is a non-human, malevolent force in play as well.

I am still finding my head around this, and it’s not something I want to focus on.

If we can shine a light on the collective shadow, however dark or scary, regardless of the pain it’s caused us in the past, we do have the ability to transform that darkness into light, just as we have the power to transform any and all darkness within us. If we reject or hate on any aspect of the collective, we are also doing the same to ourselves. 

The Earth as a whole cannot transition into the New Earth unless the collective shadow is somehow brought back into the light. We are here as one, and we rise as one.

The Divine Feminine has had to overcome huge fears and trauma from many lifetimes, fight and overcome harsh oppression and discouragement from claiming Her sovereign self who is free.

There have been countless attempts to make Her smaller, to put Her down, make Her wrong, and discourage Her from being Her true self. This is a final experience for many, akin to the last hurdle of a long-drawn fight for freedom, and we are ready. 

We’ve reached a tipping point where the waves of healing — especially through our internal healing work — have rippled out and touched all edges of the globe, lighting up the darkened web, and brought light to the darkness, which can no longer remain in hiding. The momentum is building for this global lighting up of the shadow, and it can be ignored no longer.

We cannot deny what is, when it is staring us squarely in the face.

We are ready to rise. We are descending into our bodies and becoming embodied. We are remembering who we are.

We are putting our foot down and saying No more! No more playing nice! No more giving the benefit of doubt! No more sticking around trying to heal the other. No more martyrdom! No more wasting time on those who are just messing around and who aren’t doing the work to remember who they are. No more distractions. No more giving time to pretenders who are using spirituality to get women into bed. 

We don’t have a minute to waste! Time is of the essence and it’s time to get to work. It’s time to remember what is really important. It’s time to remember what we are here for, what we are here to do. 

It’s time to remember our sovereignty.


Jessica Eagle Whitefeather is passionate about empowering others to remember that all the answers, healing and wisdom they are searching for can be found within. A lover of nature, freedom and the magical weavings of life, she is passionate about living in deeper harmony and connection with nature, flowing freely with the often wild current of life, and uncovering universal mysteries while learning to embrace all of the strange and glorious experiences human life has to offer. She dreams of visiting faraway lands, swimming with dolphins in the wild, and building an eco-friendly, sustainable, holistic soul sanctuary — financially accessible for all who resonate, where sacred geometry structures are scattered throughout the lush land — a haven where women’s, men’s, and children’s sacred circles are held in the spirit of community, celebration, harmony, unity, and honoring our beloved Mother Earth. You can connect with her via Facebook.


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