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Get Ready for Your Soul Tribe.

Many of us are having amazing experiences in meeting new people. We are having these powerful moments of deep knowing and heart connection very fast and immediately with others and it can be kind of confusing.

This is the time of the shift, my friends. What this means is that we are moving out of ego-based and into more of a heart-based truthful living in our individual gifts. Each one of us has something to give this planet and each other. More than keeping a tidy house, tidy children and tidy relationships, more than a tidy career and a tidy-looking body, our souls are crying out to be seen and heard.

You may have already come across the Twin Flames phenomenon if you haven’t met one of your own yet. This is a person whom you meet in an unusual or synchronous way who ignites something new in you and makes you look at yourself very deeply.

I think human beings are meant to be part of a village, more like a playful pod of dolphins than confined into relationships that demand and expect all needs to be met by just one singular connection. What seems to be happening is that we are bumping into other members of our heart tribe, and they have a profound gift for us just as we do for them.  

The tribe’s job is to awaken us to any concrete overcoats we might be wearing over our gorgeous natural way of being. The problem starts when our heads get in the way and we start trying to make up some sort of a story about what that amazing connection/conversation/moment in time means.

The intense honesty and extraordinary connection that comes from these soul smash-ups does not necessarily mean that they want to carry you off and settle down behind a picket fence. It does not mean that they want to shag you silly in the broom cupboard at work (although being seen this deeply does get the old base chakra movin’!).

It does not mean that they are deliberately wrecking any relationships that you currently may have or that you have suddenly changed your sexual orientation and become straight, bi, trans, lesbian or gay. All flavors are beautiful, peeps!

It just means that in this incredible moment of seeing and feeling each other, you can share a profound sacred human moment of awareness, an unconditional love meant to awaken you to a higher level of consciousness so you can go about being fabulous.

Sometimes the meeting can be romantic, but what I am seeing with so many people is that one or both of the parties try to fit the connection into an old model of how they think such a powerful relationship needs to be to make sense.

Your ego will search your brain library and try to understand how this incredible relationship has to be, rather than accepting the profound magic of a connection based on being utterly present with the person.

When a sense of couple-hood or ownership emerges, old egoic thoughts of the knight in shining armor or the princess in the tower turn up along with jumping feelings of jealousy, expectation, guilt or discomfort. As the soul connection is powerful, both beings can feel it and are made deeply uncomfortable.

Because these relationships are made to put a fire in the belly of old thinking, usually at that point one of you will exit stage left, leaving the other feeling abandoned and bereft.

So, here’s the recipe, my friends, for what to do when you meet a soul pod connection.  

1. Get excited. This is very very cool. The Universe wants you to see how awesome you are and this person is going to remind you of that.
2. Get your head out of it. Don’t allow any stories to jump in of what the connection means.
3. Enjoy the gift and experience of the magical exchange. Be grateful for what you now know about yourself and what you have been able to gift the other person.
4.  Allow the friendship/relationship to blossom gently so your offering to each other can be allowed to play out.
5.  Most importantly, be utterly present. If you enjoy the connection in the present moment, you will not be distracted by stories you tell yourself about what you should be doing with the connection.

Be okay about having delicious moments of connection with soul tribe characters and then not seeing them for a while. The purpose of the gap in between is not to cause you mental anguish, but to allow you the space to clear out outdated mental concepts about how you connect with others and find a deeper sense of your own power without attachment.

Next time you see them, you will be stronger, wiser and more able to share more of the gifts you have for each other.

As these soul tribe connections are so intense, they can trigger us to feel very sad if one of them does randomly disappear on us. So many beautiful characters I meet are experiencing this heart-rending pain, and my advice is this:  

Please, let go of all attachment and need energy. Be grateful for the amazing positive interrupt this person has brought into your life, and if it was only for a heartbeat, a short moment in time, remember how it has taught you the power and intimacy of true unconditional connection and how you can bring that into all the connections you now have.

Be your gorgeous self. You are lovely.


Veronica Farmer loves to follow Universe-inspiration in her life, writing and practicing healing others. It wasn’t always this way. A spontaneous remission of secondary cancer that was life-threatening more than a decade ago awoke Veronica to her stressed out ‘normal’ life and into the realm of a deeper and more conscious way to be present to herself and others. She left a closed mind, heart and sick body behind, and chose to create a more joyful, healthy existence. Since then, Veronica has been passionately interested in helping others know ‘the secret’ behind accessing their own natural blueprint for health, well-being and a more joyful way to live at her clinic Angels Rest Relaxation Center.


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