Lovers Without Borders. {spoken word poetry}

How do you explain pressing the softest parts of your heart against a blade, and letting it cut… deep?

Most children are guided by a loving adult away from objects that might cause them harm, but some children reach out to touch the flame, needing to test the limits for themselves. I guess I was that child when it came to my heart and my theories of love.

By letting myself venture deep into my night, I had time to feel and understand those boundaries that I value, and that, when in place, leave me feeling valued.


I’ve said that I’m open in relationship
something about roots with wings
something about no borders
something about being free

In fact, the ink
hasn’t even dried on those words
yet, I’m about to
strike them right through

I am an explorer
some explorers die, ya know
they venture into lands
that change them
change how they touch
with their hands

Until it’s not only the landscape
that’s different
but also their skin

I’ve called myself free
living and loving in the moment
shirking the idea of home
in favor of giving those whom I love
space to roam

I’ve wondered
if I was robbing them
of something more

Yes… stolen
was our own feeling
of beauty
and freedom
and worthiness

Turns out,
acting free
doesn’t actually
set you free
a veil goes up
between You and Me
to shield
from these other stories
waiting for the scent of our curiosities
to fade

Me, contained within a compartment of You
wherever it is that You store Us
and You,
contained within a compartment of Me
I keep tearing down my walls
to set You free

I’m learning
I have learned
that I can’t live here
this isn’t freedom
We took a wrong turn
somewhere along our way

I can’t pretend anymore
I can’t call
all this space
between Us
and our walls
Liberty or Love

Freedom in love
feels like jumping
eyes wide open
deep into the other
breaking down walls
with four hands, not two
no fear of that fall

No concealing
All revealing
until whatever it is that lies deep within
is no longer buried
hidden under skin
I see You — who You are
when no one is watching
and You see Me — who I am
honestly and truly

Rent this veil
give me entrance to
your Holy of Holies
then I’ll clothe myself in You
and you’ll
clothe yourself in Me

This daily knowing
seems beyond our grasp
an ocean
and miles of land
pile between Us — vast

So… I’m letting go
but I hope you’ll remember
as we part
what freedom is:
no barriers
not between you and every other
but, no barriers
between You and your Lover.


Audrey Marie Keel claims her self-renewing hope to be her greatest strength. She is a constant dreamer who struggles to keep her feet on the ground. Fortunately, she has four children who have a knack for keeping her down to earth. There’s literally no time for dreaming some days, or nights, for that matter. She’s aspired to be many things during her short life so far, and she likes to think that she’s become a little bit of each. Her heart’s current pursuits are in the areas of writing, photography, philosophy, education, wellness and volunteering.


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