Take Back the Power of You.

I wonder whether synchronicity is the universal glue that holds everything together. The far-reaching “acausal connecting principle” (Carl Jung, 1952) and intergalactic intelligence with complexities that baffle even the greatest of intellects.

See, humans feel safer with knowledge. We turn knowledge into power because facts and evidence seem to speak to us, but what about our ability to know? What about the inner intelligence that connects with this wider cosmic intelligence and reveals itself through synchronistic happenings?

Knowledge is acquired through curiosity and experience, through discoveries and learning. Knowledge is tangible, but knowing is no different. Knowing is also palpable and definite, it’s just that knowing is felt and not seen.

And knowing doesn’t need to be found or sought, it exists within each of us, or what might feel like something outside of us, but that is all essentially one and the same if we consider ourselves to be the universe experiencing the human form.

And, if we are the universe experiencing life as humans, then let’s not forget that that omnipotent intelligence is within us at all times. We can access that place of knowing that is more powerful than intellect, or perhaps a different type intellect, whenever the need calls for.

Yet so many of us overlook the power. We fall victim to thinking we’re mere humans: physical but conscious vessels that are highly functioning yet often struggling. We forget that we have an intelligence within us that cannot be taken from a book or a class. An intelligence that isn’t exclusive to one or two of us, because it is born to each of us.

When you think about it, we are all essentially sitting on a goldmine, jumping up and down asking for more. The universe must be so very patient and understanding because we humans get incredibly worked up. And it’s not our fault.

We are all doing the best that we can in any given moment, but we are also guilty of complaining when things don’t go our way or when we don’t have the answers that we’re so often seeking.

And yet the answer is there the whole time.

We can access the compass that sits at the seat of our soul whenever we want to, and we can use it to navigate our way. Our job as humans is simply to get out of the way. To stop distracting ourselves, and to keep ourselves as open and light as possible so we can listen.

And don’t you think it’s ironic because we are given these superpowers, this internal intelligence and knowing, but the universe also threw in the mind? Our mind allows us to function on earth, to make the decisions that we need to make to get where we need to get. We need our minds to perceive and interact with the world and they are gloriously capable, but they also have a tendency to become distorted.

And just to make things a little more interesting (the universe has a wicked sense of humor) our mind connects in with the rational whilst our soul plays rebel and wants to do everything that defies logic. Perhaps a reminder that a life driven by the mind will never be as enchanting as one led by the heart.

The mind also likes to believe that it holds the position of leader, and so we find ourselves in this constant battle between the mind and the almighty gifted soul (I know which one I back when push comes to shove) but when you are in it, experiencing it, it really isn’t that straightforward or comfortable.

I think the reason we are all placed in this predicament is because life isn’t meant to be easy. For life to be worth playing it needs to be challenging. We need the dark to grow into the light; the negative is just as poignant as the positive.

And yet I cannot bring myself to accept for one second that life is meant to be a constant struggle. Difficult times are inevitable, but persistent darkness is not what any of us came here to experience.

And so, we must come back to the goldmine we are sitting on top of. We must come back to recognizing that we aren’t victims of anything because we each already hold the gold in our hands. We each have been given the power.

Do not allow the mind to convince you that it runs the show, because it is your soul that takes the throne. Do not look outside of yourself for the fix or the answers because the answers are already right there within each of us. Our only job is to snuggle in closer, to take ourselves out of the cage that our minds place us in by getting more intimate with our truest center.

This intertwined synchronicity of universal intelligence that is undoubtedly working in some timeless space behind the scenes is too damn magnificent and commanding to play martyr to the mind. And more to the point, this magnificence is you.


Rochelle Smith is a dreamer and a creator. She loves the synchronicity of life and all things philosophical. Rochelle left a 12-year corporate career to pursue her dream of becoming a writer and a psychologist, and is currently undertaking postgraduate studies in Psychology at Monash University. She describes her approach to the helping profession as “mixing the science of psychology with soul,” and aims to assist people to reconnect with their true center. Rochelle is an aspiring author, and believes in living in truth, to heal and ultimately fulfill individual potential. She loves people and believes in the kindness of humanity. Rochelle founded The Honour Project on Facebook and Instagram, spreading her insights on life and the benefits of honoring who we are to improve overall well-being and mental health. Her writing is her therapy, and through her clarity of expression, she hopes to touch others by sharing her own wisdom, lessons learnt, and soul.


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