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You Don’t Need to ‘Raise Your Vibration’ to Heal.

When we talk about feeling or experiencing vibrations, it is important for us to consider that it is we who are vibrating. That everything is vibrating, and that no dissociative philosophies of an unquantifiable nature should cage us into hip spirituality.

Vague, disembodying terms and catch-phrases, like the following statements, can be harmful to sincere aspirants seeking a more embodied life for themselves.

           • “Raise your vibration.”

           • “You’re feeling badly because your vibration is low.”

           • “Stop focusing on the negative. Your vibration is attracting it.”

           • “If your vibration is a little higher, you can have whatever you want.”

           • “I am raising your vibration.”

           • “Be more grateful/happier to raise your vibration.”

           • “Vibrate at the highest frequency.”

           • “Negativity can only effect you if you’re on the same vibration.”

Although these phrases come from a diminishment of some scientific data, they are frequently used in a harmful, trite and unhelpful manner.

These phrases are really saying that our natural human responses to the world are not valid.

These phrases blame the victim who mourns an injustice.

These phrases hurt our hearts and our minds and distort our perception away from personal, soulful accountability to our experience.

These phrases get in the way.

These phrases are an escape route that goes nowhere from here.

These phrases ignore suffering.

These phrases disempower our embodiment.

These phrases may trigger guilt and shame.

They can be harmful.

Empaths are undoubtedly especially strong conduits for all of these vibrations, but how we interpret the meaning of it in pop spirituality has gutted it of its mysterious truths.

Empaths interpret information, sometimes referred to as vibration, through our physical bodies with more awareness than most people can. We assign this information a meaning within the context of what else we feel. This should be questioned regularly.

When we feel a sensation, also sometimes referred to as vibration, when coming into contact with a person, situation or environment, we may sometimes misinterpret this as an invasion, and in our fight/flight/freeze response, we may set off our own alarms.

For some empaths, the space between our sensation and our neurological wiring may be acutely small. The width of a sliver of paper. A shimmer the size of the eye of a needle. The razor-sharp edge of an axe.

If, in that tiny space, we can remember that we can intervene on our own behalves, we may be able to slow it down.

If, in that sliver-of-red-moonlight, we can take just one breath, we may be able to call on an elemental inner resource that widens our breathing room with a spiritualized wind.

Even if this space is just wide enough for us to grab hold of the controls and switch the railroad track back to our practice of well-being before it hits the brick wall.

The way to break any chain is with just one link. Grab your bolt-cutters, empaths.


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Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi

Alison Nappi is the creator of The Wildness Deck; she is a writer, a creative consultant, and spiritual teacher coaching Wild Women back to the arts of creation and embodiment through ceremony, creativity, and oracular feats of wildness and wonder. When she splits off from the pack, you may find Alison howling at the moon through a thick canopy of trees, singing songs with trumpeting daffodils, or dancing her embodied prayers around a campfire, mud in her hair. Like Alison on Facebook or send an email to be added to her mailing list.
Alison Nappi