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Make More Money by Working with Venus and Pleasure.

When we want more money, we tend to attack it straight-on, like a knight on a battle horse, sword sharp, and pull up on the areas where we should be working smarter and hustling harder. Do more! For longer! Wearing power suits! Sleep less!

We tend to ignore the softer approach.

I’m a witch, so I think about things in terms of archetypes, goddesses and astrological energies. Our culture has a very Saturnine view of work. He is the taskmaster of the universe, all about hard work and gravity and playing by the laws. He’s a bit of a bummer, as he’s very serious and isn’t into fun at all, and he is patriarchal AF.

And of course we all grew up with the idea that hard work is rewarded (it’s not, otherwise nurses would make six figure salaries) and often with the idea that our worth as a human is tied up in our career and how much money we make.

After a while of playing along with this Saturnine game, we realize that working harder doesn’t actually work — it doesn’t make us much more money, it just makes us tired, stressed, disconnected, like all the joy and color has been bleached out of life.

It turns money into a monster, a terrifying taskmaster who demands all our time, all our energy, and all our fear. And trying to defeat that monster is exhausting.

Sucks, right?

Here is where we can change tactics and start honoring and working the arts of Venus, the Goddess of Love!

Now, Venus is both a Goddess (of love, abundance, and luxury of course!) and an energy pattern. She is all about leisure, pleasure, and reveling in the delightful sensuality of being alive. When we start living our life in a more Venusian way, she transforms our attitude to money, making huge shifts in our life.

Venus is all about softening your resistance to enjoying life and enjoying money so the money floodgates can open and money can finally start flowing in your life.

Venus reminds us of why we want to have money in the first place — so we can enjoy the heck our of our life — and then attracts all the resources we need to do that.

See, most of us have a really weird relationship with money.

If money were a person, she’d be that friend we really want to like us, but secretly think is far too cool for us and thus makes us think of how deeply dorky we are.

We’d sabotage ourselves by acting all tongue-tied, suspecting her of hating us and bitching about us behind our back, keeping her around because we want access to her mansion and Jacuzzi and monkey butler, but resenting her because she makes us feel so damn crappy.

But usually money isn’t the one making us feel crappy, we are doing that to ourselves.

We just have such a messed-up cultural concept of money energetically — that it’s bad, that we don’t deserve it, spiritual people shouldn’t have it, that it makes us uncomfortable, that we are not good at it, that it is the source of all our trouble — that we think money is this total douchebag.

But it’s just us projecting our shit on really quite a good friend, who just can’t figure out why you are so weird around her all the time and wishes you could get over yourself so you could join her in the Jacuzzi in her mansion and have the monkey butler bring you both Prosecco.

I always say that everything we do in life is a spell, and all our actions are rituals that vibrate into the universe.

Often we have rituals and habits around money that only serve to cock-block ourselves from receiving more wealth and being happy with our current prosperity. We link our financial situation to our self-worth, avoid looking at or taking responsibility for our finances, and whenever we think about money, it’s with that sinking feeling of dread that says, “Oh crap, I don’t have enough.”

I am I totally guilty of all these things.

I let money be the jailor of my life for a long time: it was the yardstick by which I measured if I was allowed to be happy, if I was good enough, and as a self-employed person, the proof that I was lazy and bad at what I did.

I would only allow myself to be happy once I had money. Before then, I didn’t deserve it, because I was failing at life.

I think everyone has a particular area of life where your naked self-worth gets particularly flayed and beaten. My area has always been work and money.

This money thing is heavy stuff. Heavy. It’s so important to our culture, and so important to modern survival.

The money issue can be energetically charged with fear and worry and punishment and low self-worth, and it becomes so weighty it’s all you can do to not crumble under the weight of it, let alone figure out how to fix it.

I’ve found trying to tackle something this big and serious and important head-on doesn’t work because it seems to, by virtue of it’s very weightiness, generate its own gravity field that pulls every well-meaning effort into a big pessimistic freak-out.

It’s so hard to break out of that.

You can’t tackle it straight on. It’s a monster.

But you can tackle it sideways.

A few years ago, I started working with Venus for totally non-money reasons: I was tired of having no fun, and I wanted to enjoy my life.

A delightful side effect was that it transformed my relationship with money and my ability to receive.

Venus is the goddess of love, harmony, sex, ecstasy, union, abundance and delight.

All the love goddesses adore money, jewels, luxury goods and fine foods — money is a just a vehicle to experience enjoyment for them.

When I work with Venus, she slips my mind into a silk dressing gown of appreciation and delight.

She opens my perceptions to the small beauties of the world, allowing myself to enjoy what I have, and open to hope and delicious fantasies of the future.

Shifting my energy to a life lived in Venus mode, to vibrating out that love-goddess energy, to focusing on my pleasure and enjoyment of life first and foremost makes the biggest difference in how I feel about my money and how I can receive what I want.

Money stops being the obstacle, and through working with Venus we stop deferring our life until we have the right amount of money in our bank account. Instead, things align so I can go on the adventures I want, find the perfect home or car or whatever it is I need money for effortlessly and well within my budget, and travel the world despite, and I find myself being at the center of a flurry of gifts and good luck.

We can actually do and manifest the things we wanted money for in the first place.

Venus softens our fear and resistance to our money issues, and tames huge, terrifying, beastly monsters into far more fun and approachable creatures — like raccoons, still unsavory, but cuter and with funny little hands — because her energy is one of lightness, fun and joy.

The real magic of working with Venus as to how she affects your money situation is that she changes the root cause of your money worries (self-denial, lack of self-love and tightly-clenched un-receptivity) and transforms your attitude from one of “Oh, everything is terrible, look how little I have, woe is me” to “Wow, OMFG, how can life be so amazing?”

Suddenly, your habitual money worries don’t seem so important any more. They soften, like rose petals, and once again things can shift and flow like sweet water.

I really believe money is a reflection of our self-worth, so the gateway for the biggest money transformation in your life will be putting your needs, loves, passions and desires at the forefront — your enjoyment of life!

It’s the sneak attack. My biggest life lesson is that having fun is the most surefire way to getting what you want and being happy in every single area of your life.

I know I’m ready to go back to sippin’ on some Venus Juice and fall all over myself in rapturous joy at how great life is, regardless of what’s going on in my bank account.

How about you?


Demelza Hillier is a Venusian Devotee and a Priestess of the Goddess. By day, she runs Rockstar Priestess, a priestess- and goddess spirituality-training site for wild witches and mystic mermaids, and by night she lights up stages as a magnetic dancer and award-winning burlesque seductress. She runs the Morgan le Fay Mystery School, dedicated to teaching the ways and secrets of Morgan le Fay through both online courses and retreats in the heart of the landscape of Avalon in Glastonbury UK, and teaches the Arts of the Goddess of Love through her Venus e-courses, retreats and offerings. If you would like to learn more about Morgan le Fay, be a part of free online mermaid ceremonies, and join Demi for more badass priestessery and Venusian magic, you can join her Mermaid Coven, or sign up to her email list for love letters and presents.


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