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What They Do Not Tell You About Being Child-Free.

New light of a morning, excitedly whispering to you to stir from an undistracted sleep and then chattering to be ready for this one precious day. Today’s plans, like most days, to be followed through with a clear, unwavering mind.

Your attention-giving time with your young niece and nephew is beginning to draw to an end. Pause of relief. For you have the ability to restock and be ready with more vital energy for the next important, mark-making encounter. Not reverting to the ugly monster of an adult that bemoans the achingly dull tasks of clearing up, prepping, shouting, ferrying of children.

The tasks you have set are manageable, pared down.

What of that teenage girl you met in a local food store today? You let her go in front of you in the queue, as you told her she had school and you knew you were early for work. When she smiled back and acknowledged you, did you see something of yourself in her? Did you remember that age?

For the young are wonderful to befriend: a life of surprises and a clean slate ahead of them. Someone to mentor, consolidate those moments, stories into gems of wisdom for this new, two-generations-apart friend. Nothing need be wasted.

That splendid education can be funnelled into willing ears, hearts and minds. Listening to and engaging in heartfelt discussions with the young. Your influence is subtly profound. Never doubt or question this.

The time you will have in this lifetime will be beneficially endless. You will make plans, carry them out, as you will have strengthened your habits. And life will flow with little or no control, of course, and your capable resources will deal with all eventualities.

Did you not know that unwieldy regrets smooth out and the future becomes expansive? You are not only a country, but a continent. You have power.

Aside from spontaneity, freedom, you develop at an accelerated rate. Your growth will be limitless, as you set and crush goals. One definite is that you will have time to grow into yourself. A valuable commodity.

No woes for you without children. The maternal instinct is innate. Whatever you choose to nurture and love, be it siblings’ children, elderly neighbors, sparky teenagers, children you supervise in a club, they will all thrive under your influence. Your female magic is far more than biological.

Your body will not fail either. When the age of experience dawns in your late thirties or early forties, you will be so glad to be living your life that the mornings are deliciously light. You will not slouch, but will have zest to attack and deliver.

Relationships with partners will be about you, and not sticking together because of the children. You will feel wanted for you alone, and this will satisfy your innermost desires of human connection.

How can selfish ever equate to being child-free? Your legacy could reach so many levels that it could be astonishing.

And the steady, blessed, even-tempered parents who handle their lot and their offsprings’ problems will be grateful for your times of assistance. The world will welcome another change-maker, and it will not diminish because you did not pass on your DNA. No, the world will thank you for becoming the person you were always meant to be.



Keri France is a sensitive and strong soul, who believes in the power of creativity for personal growth. If you sometimes feel you have been on the brink of success, despair, sadness, Keri has been there too. She believes in creating opportunities for herself, being enriched by experiences, and writing down her thoughts on what she has learned in the process. With a voice-over demo, collection of her own artwork, and now writing, she knows a good life is a creative life.


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