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Rebirth: The Celebration of Spring Equinox.

It is the time of year that births a new cycle. Today, the sun enters the sign of Aries, which pioneers our shift into spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The gifts of Aries energy:

Do things before you are ready and you will figure out how to do them.

Jump in headfirst.


This is the energy required to break out of the stagnancy of winter and push us into spring. It is the spark of life that fuels our desire to grow, push through the cracks of the seed, and bloom ourselves open.

Enter the New

What is also required is innocence, boldness, and stamina. Aries is the first cardinal sign and the first sign of the zodiac. Therefore, it represents an initiation into a new cycle of time.

Many holidays celebrate the vibrancy of this time of year. In Hinduism, it is Holi, the festival of colors, in Judaism, Purim, which is celebrated with masks and costumes, and in Christianity, it is Easter, symbolizing fertility, resurrection, and rebirth.

Honoring and aligning with these cycles of time, as the Mayans, Pagans, Egyptians and many ancient wisdom cultures have, is so important to continually attune ourselves with the frequency of all of creation.

Libra Full Moon: I-We-All

The Libra/Aries axis is the axis of relationship. Aries represents the relationship of the individual, the connection to impulse, of the self to the Self. Libra is the balance of two, the relationship with an Other, the sacrifice of individual desires in service to being in a relationship with each other.

In every polarity of opposites, there is a third point between them that, when met, creates transcendence. It brings us into the state beyond the mind/ego identification into a state of being One with the All that is.

Being beyond preferences.

Being beyond.

Being one with the flow that moves through us.

David Deida speaks about three stages of intimacy and how they coexist simultaneously in our relationships.

In the first stage, we are focused on our individual preferences and getting the other person to fulfill them. In the second stage, this shifts into a sense of, “What is fair between us?” Already, you can see the correlation between the Aries and Libra polarities I mentioned above.

In the second stage, there is also a great sense of independence and wholeness unto oneself cultivated within the individual.

But as time passes, this integration of the masculine and feminine polarities within deadens the sexual creative forces created by the magnetic charge of polarities. There must be the spark of opposites in order to birth new life. This is also represented by the equinox, a time of equal day and night creating a whole new cycle of life.

Rebirth and resurrection

To enter the third stage of intimacy, the balance of both opposing forces that occurs within the second stage must be surrendered — just as in on our own individual spiritual journeys, in order to merge into Love. We must die within our own identities, letting go of what we believe ourselves to be and allowing ourselves to dissolve into the infinite.

In the first stage, we are looking for our completion in another, we are two halves making a whole. In the second stage, we are two whole circles with overlapping parts. But in the third stage, there are no circles at all. In the third stage, we ask, “How does Love wish to express itself through me? How can I serve Love now, here, with you?”

Times of Ascension

During these times of the year, I believe there are opportunities to renew our vows with each other. We are committing, readjusting, and reevaluating our contracts with those we are collaborating with spiritually in our lives. These times are choice points where we are being asked to shift and make adjustments in order to move forward.

These transition points are cosmic gateways, portals of energy where we are navigating our spiritual evolution, which is why they are so important.

What also tends to happen during these times is that we experience waves of ascension, meaning a great deal of our own subconscious patterning or shadows can come to the surface to be looked at and worked with.

Our Spirit Guides and Guardians may also shift and be adjusted during these phases. This can make us feel unstable as we are feeling a collective shift of energy when really it is just a recalibration.

Some of us will feel these waves 2-3 weeks beforehand and experience great purges of energy. If that is you, you may have already adjusted to these new shifts and are now spending this time implementing the changes you are making in your lives.

May we all be integrating our upgrades in the most aligned and attuned ways.

This is the Grace of Ascension.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,



Michelle Coutinho offers sound healing, yoga, mantra, and meditations that weave together ritualistic tones threading ancient energetic and medicinal frequencies from many different wisdom traditions. She works shamanically with others to process and purify their emotions, helping her clients transform unconscious patterns by offering a deeply maternal, wise, and compassionate perspective. Learn more about her healing and counseling work at Infinite Everything.


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