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Moving On: The Harsh Paves the Way for Beauty.

A few years after my marriage breakup, I’m thankfully in a good place and a different phase of my life. So many sweet and unexpected experiences have come my way.

But it’s also good to remember the gratitude and clarity that was there before I knew what was to come next.

As I read back over a post I published on my blog in 2016, I feel grateful for that gift and wanted to share it here.

As the last of my divorce proceedings draw to a close, there has been a lot to let go of. The beginning of this year was not something I would have wished to experience. But I am grateful for the journey for so many reasons.

I have learnt more this year about love and relationships than in the last 34 years put together.

I’m so grateful for the love that has surrounded me. For the sisters and family that have stood by my side. For the love inside me that has always been there, just waiting to be tapped into and nurtured.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go. But we are forced to, and there is always joy and grace on the other side.

It’s good to know that we can make it through. That some of our worst fears can be realized, yet we survive, stronger even and more whole. This means that we get to be a lot less afraid going forward.

Blessings show up in the strangest of places. We realize we are loved and supported more than we knew. We get to ask for help and allow ourselves to receive it.

We realize that we are never alone, even if physically we find ourselves so. We get to see that love is in so many places that we hadn’t thought to look before.

We get to see that love is all around and within us, and that the more we tap into it and allow ourselves to receive it, the more we will feel and experience it.

We get to see that we are always being supported by nature and by the earth. That things are constantly changing and moving, yet there is always grace. We are always being carried.

We get to move beyond what we thought love was and to see that it goes further than we ever imagined. That it can be unconditional and eternal, freeing us and others.

We get to see that we are all doing the best we can. We are all human, all flawed, all capable of making mistakes, yet still worthy of love and forgiveness.

We get to see that love, happiness and joy are all available right now, and that they’re found in gratitude. For what we do have, for what we’ll always have, for what can never be taken away.

Life is ours for the taking. This life which can feel so harsh and so brutal, but also so beautiful. We have to be willing to take it all. To know that we can survive the harsh, and that it paves the way for even more beauty.

This year did not start out the way I planned. Life has not panned out the way I planned. Yet still I sit here with a full heart.

Things don’t need to turn out the way we had planned for us to be happy. Things do not have to fall into place for us to experience joy. That possibility exists within us, within every moment, regardless of external circumstances.

So let things fall away. Know that you mustn’t need them anymore. Be supported by the strength and structures within and around you.

Know that you can weather any storm. Know that trust can then take on a whole new meaning.

You can trust yourself to get through any hurt that comes your way. You can trust your intuition and your body. You can trust that whoever needs to be there with you, standing strong, will be.

You can trust all of it. And the rest, well, you can let it go.



Kelly Burns is a specialist coach who works with people who want to stop feeling insecure in themselves and their relationships. She helps them feel more secure and confident through one to one coaching and group programs, and offers a free e-book on her website. Kelly also works with people who are going through a change in their lives, and who may be feeling stuck, confused or unsure of what they want to do next. She helps them get clear on their purpose and next steps. In addition, Kelly offers well-being consultancy to organizations and the media, and writes freelance articles for both print and online publications. You can also contact her via Twitter or Facebook.


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