Explore the Depths of Your Self: Let Go of Your Patterns.



In this world of filters and Photoshop, I find myself wondering, “What does real even mean?”

As an Intuitive Soul-Finder and Voice Witch, I’m obsessed with discovering the real and the true within people and helping them unleash their organic, natural voice. And it all started with finding my own.

On the soul path, one tends to discover stories that they’ve attached their identity to, and one which I have discovered over the last couple of years is most common with my clients is that they are too much or extra or intense. What this usually means is that this person feels deeply, and their energy reflects outwardly that which they feel internally.

Generally speaking, this is not acceptable in the world we live in, especially for women. A world that commends those who contribute to society quietly, without disrupting the status quo or making too much noise or ruffling any feathers, tends to frown upon those of us who speak up and speak out.

Essentially, we live in a get in and get out society. Don’t stand out, don’t make noise, don’t take up too much space, don’t rock the boat.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in the east side of the Seattle area, I was told by friends, teachers, even occasionally by family, that I was too much and to tone myself down. I wasn’t asked to dances in school, wasn’t asked out on dates, and truly my self-esteem plummeted, my sense of self-worth nearly non-existent.

So I learned at an early age that it wasn’t acceptable to be me. That in order to be safe and secure, I must turn the Mute button on my personality. This basically taught me not to trust my instincts and, what’s more, not to trust my feelings. Feeling them was fine, sure, but as long as it was done privately or quietly.

If I wanted to have a boyfriend, or to be accepted and liked by my peers, I needed to bring my vibe from a 10 to a 2.

As I do my work helping people connect with their soul and in coaching others how to sing, I have found that feelings are absolutely essential. It is in allowing them to move through us completely and honoring them that we find our truth and our real Self, bringing beauty and soul to what we do.

The purpose of emotions is not to control or to dominate the personality, but to guide and teach it about what it needs and who it needs on the journey towards self-realization and in the fulfillment of finding the soul’s purpose.

The problem is, however, that we live in a society that truly believes emotions are the enemy. More specifically, the ugly and swampy ones like anger, depression and shame.

And in this collective belief, a way of dealing with these shadow emotions was born in the form of medicating them away and/or suppressing them. Pills that were created to support one’s journey short-term while, ideally, the individual dives into the psyche to heal the shadow and ease the ego’s grip on their reality have mostly been turned into a long-term dependency.

In many cases, pills that were not meant to be relied on for more than a few years are taken far beyond their intended time frame. Something that should be used to assist during the dive into the underworld of the psyche is now relied on completely for many to function.

It is the human experience to feel pain, sadness, anger or shame. These feelings are essential for the growth and development of a person and in discovering our purpose and what we do and do not wish to experience in this life. One cannot target which emotions to feel and which not to feel, so if you want to dull one, you dull them all. The issue is the identification of self in these feelings.

In other words, we believe we are our feelings, and we are not generally given the proper training and tools for how to process and deal with these feelings so that they can serve their purpose and be free to go. These dark emotions are a key ingredient in the learning and processing of information and feeling the shadow part of the psyche.

As Carl Jung puts it, is an act that is an “essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge…” So many people are just wandering through their existence without truly knowing themselves, because they refuse to look at and learn from a major part of their human experience. 

Anxiety has become not just an unfortunate feeling, but an epidemic of massive proportions. Anxiety is no longer an occasional bother, but a constant suffering for many. Why? Because we have been taught that emotions are irrational nonsense, and it is in this disregard, this avoidance of part of the human experience, that anxiety is born.

The body knows something is wrong, something needs your attention, but it is not happening, so it sends out the flares. We are encouraged to be positive and happy, not to acknowledge our traumas or explore our fears.

The main thing that is honored, specifically in the U.S., is the intellect and the thinking mind. Our feeling nature, our imagination, our other senses and intuition are cast aside as extra and unnecessary like an appendix that needs to be removed.

In this egocentric society, there is something in all of us that is crying to be looked at, seen and felt, but it is being shoved way down, held hostage, and left to fester over time. And this festering causes a whole host of new problems and shows up as anxiety, overwhelming depression, inexplicable anger. It shows up as back pain, high blood pressure, menstrual problems, inflammation, even cancer.

I often use the following example with my clients:

If you have a stack of unopened bills on your desk and they just sit there, not being looked at or dealt with, then more bills keep stacking on top of the old ones and over time, what happens? Anxiety. Anxiety because not enough action is taking place and a serious imbalance is occurring. The brain is screaming, “Hello! This! Look at this! Acknowledge this! Deal with this!”

And in this case, the unopened bills that are past due are your traumas, your pain, anger and sadness begging to be felt, your soul voice begging to be heard. 

So how do we shift this paradigm? I’m not suggesting everyone just stops taking their pills, but I am suggesting we actually do the work and stop relying on substances to function in society. I believe that it is time to end the outdated idea that the hard emotions are something to avoid, or that being emotional makes you crazy or too much.

This is a call to seriously look at what hurts, what feels wrong, what needs to be accepted and forgiven, what needs to be healed. Then, and only then, can we connect fully with our truth and live a more soul-centric life and show up fully to offer the world our magic. With this kind of clarity and the freedom to express come fully developed humans who are no longer afraid to show up and speak from the heart.

This movement will cause a massive shift in the way our society functions, and will end the reign of the Immature Masculine.

Those currently in power wish to keep us feeling scared, lost and small, and reliant upon the products and systems they’ve put in place in order to keep us under their thumbs, so they can stay seated in the thrones they’ve built from the bones of the lost and frightened. But we are not broken and we are waking up. Our bodies have had enough.

Authentic, soul-centric living happens when we are honest with ourselves, and when we feel and understand that emotions are not the self, but something experienced by the self.

In other words, they are simply visitors and we have the power, always, to allow them to come and then to go and the power to be and have and do anything we desire. But it simply requires that we explore the depths of the self and let go of our patterns and our comfort zones. With raw vulnerability and the willingness to truly be seen, we are free.


Megan Moreau is an intuitive and clair-cognizant healer and voice witch whose soul mission is to help people find their true, authentic voice. She has spent the better part of the last two decades performing and as a student of the voice and soul-centric living. She has discovered that the key to unleashing the authentic voice is the willingness to be vulnerable, to feel, and a connection with the soul. She is the creatrix of the soon-to-be-launched digital course, Get Your Soul Together, and coaches how to embrace the human experience and live a more soul-centric, joyful life. You could contact Megan via Facebook or Instagram.


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