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Hold Darkness, yet Choose the Light.

You are a living masterpiece.

Your dreams are divinely inspired to achieve the incomprehensible. Your aspirations are fearlessly designed to reach for the impossible. Your soul is majestically created to fulfill the inconceivable.

This is who you are made to be.

You are born to be a warrior. A fighter. A lover. A master. A bearer of the faith that burns within, a carrier of the hope that lives therein. A spirit undefeated by circumstance, a heart unconquered by fate… that is beautiful.

Beautiful as an artwork, with every intricate moment, every silent prayer, etched upon its canvas. Beautiful as a dandelion, with every kind deed, every word of encouragement, seeded far and wide. Beautiful as a masterpiece, with every act of grace, every affirmation of faith, modeled in heavenly perfection… and this is beautiful.

Every single scar, every single wound, where the light has entered you. Every layer of trauma, every rift in the heart, where healing has transformed you. Every broken moment, of hurt and sorrow, where love has healed you… this is beautiful too.

For to be broken, yet to be a masterpiece, is to inherit the possibility of transformation. To be scarred, yet beautiful, is to touch the presence of the Divine. To hold darkness, yet choose the light, is to possess the power of reconciliation. To feel sorrow, yet believe in love, is to embrace the spirit of empathy… this is who you are made to be.

Not to stay in your failures, but to emerge from our ashes, to reach the heavens once more. Not to abide in the embers, but be reborn as a Phoenix, to ever rise and soar. Not to deny brokenness, but rather to be a masterpiece recreated, to your victory galore.

And even if the shackles of darkness seek to bind your name, remember who you are, and let go of all shame.

Remember that you are the light…

That you are the victory…

That you are the power…

That you have won.

It is not in the heights of success where we may ascend, rather the depths of sorrow where our strength to us descends. It is not in the embrace of stillness where our power is found, rather the chains of conflict where our truth is unbound. It is not in the presence of wholeness where our healing is conceived, rather the abyss of brokenness that the light is perceived… and that makes you a masterpiece.

The truth is, failure only makes you stronger, through the deliverance of faith. Darkness makes you brighter, through the power of grace. Heartbreak blesses with empathy, through the eyes of mercy. Scars turn into beauty, through healing’s embrace.

So heal. Grow. Ascend. A masterpiece is eternal, so take your time. Be patient. And let love descend. Beauty is infinite, so leave fear behind.

For those broken pieces will coalesce, as eternity and time converge. Those shadows will dissipate, as darkness and light diverge. And those ashes will reignite, as your beauty from scars emerges.

And soon you shall realize the blessing this is, that to be broken yet a masterpiece…

… is to truly be alive.


Edward Lin is a channel, pianist, and writer who is currently on a gap year from university. He enjoys channeling music and writing from Archangel Metatron, and has written a book, I Believe. He is currently on a mission to inspire creativity and beauty in the hearts of kindred souls, and to find his purpose in life. Through his page, The Kingdom Within, he seeks to cultivate a passion and reverence for the transcendent and the Divine. All messages are channeled from Spirit or angels, and are written to inspire, to educate, and to motivate kindred souls on their eternal journey to heaven. You can also follow The Kingdom Within on Instagram.


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