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Follow Your Heart Through the Spark That Glows Within.

There is a spark in each of us.

A light of hope, a fiery truth, ever longing to arise. A flame of passion, a calling divine, striving to reignite. A desire transcendent, an aspiration sublime, yearning to be satisfied…

… it is our destiny. Our dreams. Our impossible goals.

Yet it is our deepest fear.

For we fear that we cannot be loved for who we are, for our darkness and our light to be together revealed. We fear we cannot be glorified for what we are, for our beauty and our scars to be shown unconcealed. We fear we cannot be enough for how we are, as our prowess and our failures we dare not yield.

But in the presence of love, there is no worthy or unworthy. There is only the power to create. To expand. To feel. To heal. To inspire. To live. To be reborn…

… and this is why we are here.

Not to be enslaved by hiding our light, but to embrace our splendor and our flaws, to let the spark ignite…

… and when it does, everything fades into the power of the newfound flame, into the inferno of passion, beyond fear or shame.

The illusions will crumble. Dissolve. Dissipate. Shackles will shatter. Chains will break. Reins will disintegrate. Darkness will be turned to light by the alchemy of the fire, and scars will be transformed into beauty by the transmutation of desire…

… but this is only the beginning.

Once you heed the calling to awaken, the spark within becomes your reality, as the world becomes the lie. Once you seek your destiny unshaken, conformity becomes an illusion, as your passion becomes your guide. Once you embrace the truth once forsaken, eternity becomes your inheritance, as fear is set aside.

And it becomes your duty to transcend all that holds you down, all that insults your soul, all that distracts you from your newfound purpose, that is to bring heaven to earth unbound.

For you will know the definition of legacy.

Not to conform to the ways of the world, as you were never meant to fit in, , but to follow your heart to change this people, through the light that glows therein…

… and that light only began from a spark. A spark that flickered within.

And that fire was ignited from an idea. An idea that dares us to begin.

To begin a revolution within ourselves, so the world may reignite. To start an evolution from ourselves, so society may see the light. To transmute the pollution around ourselves, to part the curtains of night…

It only takes a spark.

And the spark is already there, whether or not you are able to perceive. The light is already awakening, whether or not you dare to conceive. The truth is already planted, whether or not you are willing to receive…

… so simply dive in. Into the power within. And believe.


Edward Lin is a channel, pianist, and writer who is currently on a gap year from university. He enjoys channeling music and writing from Archangel Metatron, and has written a book, I Believe. He is currently on a mission to inspire creativity and beauty in the hearts of kindred souls, and to find his purpose in life. Through his page, The Kingdom Within, he seeks to cultivate a passion and reverence for the transcendent and the Divine. All messages are channeled from Spirit or angels, and are written to inspire, to educate, and to motivate kindred souls on their eternal journey to heaven. You can also follow The Kingdom Within on Instagram.


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