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Allow Others to Just Be: Love Them Through Everything.

So often I see in the spiritual community, people subtly or outrightly pointing fingers at others for not having done the work, for having shadows, for not forgiving, for not being enlightened or advanced or evolved, or whatever.

I see spiels about what people need to do, should do, or shouldn’t do.

At times it is amusing, and I wonder, what if we simply stopped pointing the finger at others with our holier-than-thou attitude, and began to honor everyone wherever they are, seeing all of it as beauty, as divine, and as part of a perfect weaving of the Universe’s intricate light-filled tapestry? 

What if we saw others’ shadows as pure potential of genius, ancient wisdom, unique gifts and love? 

What if we didn’t see anyone as broken or behind or lower than anyone else, but as equals in this journey, as divine teachers here to show us the way home? 

We simply can’t all be the same. Besides, why would we want that? It would limit our growth, not to mention how boring that would be.

What if we could smile with love at others’ shortcomings, recognizing ourselves in their darkness, and their light, and take responsibility for our own part in the universe? For we can never be separate from each other. 

I’ve come to see the beauty in vulnerability, in rage, in heartbreak, in chaos and disaster (for the most part) because I’ve seen how it has all served me… and I wouldn’t want to take that away from anyone because that would be a great loss to humanity. 

What if we didn’t turn our backs on others for not doing what we think is right, but embraced them fully through their everything, knowing in our hearts the truth of their wholeness, their innate wisdom and ability to uncover their own answers, and our own (asking myself these questions too)?

For everyone is, at their core, an angel. A saint. An ascended master. A god, a goddess. A divine creator. Pure love. All playing a different game, different roles in infinite realities. And we are all here to learn from one another, and teach, but perhaps not in the way that we might think.

We are not here to try and teach others or give answers. We are not here to fix each other or to save anyone, including ourselves. 

What are we here for? 

Only we alone can answer that for ourselves. 

To assume that we know what’s best for others or what they need, or need to hear or see or understand, is limiting and takes others’ power away. The opposite of allowing another just to be. 

To honor everyone’s unique journey and admit we don’t know what’s best for them, but love them anyway even if we don’t understand their path, is supportive, healing and empowering. 

Because we cannot, in our human form, understand the intricacy and depth of each soul’s journey, the infinite capacity and potential. And what may look like disaster or chaos to some is, to others, light-emerging, healing and aligning, liberation coming alive, shadows coming up for resolution and love.

We cannot measure where another person is at, simply from witnessing them, hearing their stories, having glimpses of their lifestyle or even spending a lifetime with them. We cannot truly know, because we each live in an entirely unique universe.

A soul whose energy spans across the universe, and beyond, can never be measured. 

We have all spent lifetimes learning our capacities, discovering who we are, clearing old wounds and ancient pain. No one is ahead or behind, we simply have different roles to play, different wisdom to embody, unique gifts to offer.

I wonder if we can let go of the need to know, the need to help, the need to show others the way. 

To simply be, and allow others their freedom just to be too. 

Because it is then that we can truly blossom, held in love in each others hearts


Jessica Eagle Whitefeather is passionate about empowering others to remember that all the answers, healing and wisdom they are searching for can be found within. A lover of nature, freedom and the magical weavings of life, she is passionate about living in deeper harmony and connection with nature, flowing freely with the often wild current of life, and uncovering universal mysteries while learning to embrace all of the strange and glorious experiences human life has to offer. She dreams of visiting faraway lands, swimming with dolphins in the wild, and building an eco-friendly, sustainable, holistic soul sanctuary — financially accessible for all who resonate, where sacred geometry structures are scattered throughout the lush land — a haven where women’s, men’s, and children’s sacred circles are held in the spirit of community, celebration, harmony, unity, and honoring our beloved Mother Earth. You can connect with her via Facebook.


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