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How Do You Become More Embodied?

The modern world/current matrix (thought form, energetic vibrational overlay) has caused a shift away from our birthright as divine embodied human beings, and encourages us to exist on a surface level, and become unable to honor our dual nature, which is that of a spiritual being having a human experience.

The  term disembodiment implies slavery in every sense of the word.

To be embodied means that your spirit or soul has a physical form. You are spirit embodied in flesh. It is a vehicle that enables you to go through the learning process on how to make us (in our human bodies) and this whole reality (that which we call Nature) become a conscious vehicle for Source or Spirit to work through. 

The experience of your own being is all you truly have to do here, and the only way to learn about your higher consciousness is through the experiences of your life and how you react to them.

When life throws you an unexpected challenge or curve ball, you are momentarily thrown off balance and fall into darkness, but it is this exact journey into your darkness that offers the doorway to your transformation and offers you great gifts of strength, spiritual growth and personal love for life and all of humanity.

Finding your way out of the darkness often involves opening your heart and finding a new way of being. This struggle is one of the great gifts of life.

Modern life is designed to keep you away from this internal growth. Growing reliance on technology has produced a mind/body split where we are increasingly relying on mental activity and disconnecting more and more from the knowledge that our bodies offer us.

Sedation is offered to us everywhere we look in the form of alcohol, drugs, addictive foods, prescription medications, religion and modern fast food spirituality.

The poisoning of the food chain through toxic additives, genetically modified organisms and chemicals dumbs our bodies down even more and lowers its vibrational levels. Add in the effects of  vaccinations and pharmaceuticals, and we have a body that is barely attached to its soul or essence and has become disembodied.

Disembodiment leaves us in a space of being  totally detached from ourselves as a living being and a crucial part of the natural environment.

The modifying of our natural environment through the practice of geoengineering and the strong presence of EMF radiation in our environment alters our DNA and prevents the full return of humanity to its original divine blueprint.

The combination of all these factors in our current modern environment encourages us all to be reactive, controlled and head-centric. When we are fully reliant on technology, we become disempowered (always look to authority figures for answers) and we lack our connection to our own inner guidance.

The idea of being embodied is closely related to the reunion (or alchemical marriage) of the divine male and female within us all, regardless of gender. If we think of the male parts within all of us as the doing and the female part of us as being, we can easily see that we probably all spend a lot of time doing in the world and not so much being.

This disconnects us from the feminine aspects of ourselves and we are persuaded through subliminal programming (or as I like to see it as an effort to lock our frequencies into a certain negative vibrational level), through TV and mainstream media, to look outside of ourselves for the answers and become followers rather than the sovereign embodied (spirit bought into matter) individuals that we are destined to be.

The male part within all of us has a constant need to do, fix, have answers and control, and cannot even dream of letting the female parts of us surrender, be and just let things go as we open ourselves to the complexity and true mystery of life, or the magic! It’s all about seeing the male and female sides of ourselves as completely complimentary and necessary.

If doing (knowledge) is not aligned with being (level of physical embodiment), we will never have understanding, which is knowledge, applied and experienced in everyday life. Understanding truly is the result of the joining, and the act, of being and doing becoming one.

In this state, our actions are not prompted purely from thought, but also arise from within us (inner guidance), and in this way are aligned with Divine Will and our individual role and purpose in this life.

So this is all very well, but how do you become more embodied?

1. Stop sedating yourself. Feel, feel, feel! To learn about the higher aspects of yourself, often you must look at your darkness. Enter the fire of transformation.

2. Stop doing, and give being and surrender an equal chance. Open yourself to the possibilities. Remember the goal is the unification of our male and female ways of being, so let both be heard.

3. Unplug from technology. Realize that at its best it is a good tool with many positive benefits, but don’t let it replace your inner knowing or intuition.

4. Get away from the toxic chemicals in the food chain. GMOs and chemicals keep our vibrations low. If money is an issue, bless your food, have the intent as you eat that the energy has been cleared. Believe that it is done as you asked.

The alchemical marriage of the divine female and male aspects within us all (true embodiment) is the holy grail or ascension process (funny, because ascension actually involves coming fully down into the body!) that we have all been told about. This process clears you for higher energies and reconnects you to who you truly are, and this has a profound effect on the outside world.

This is our true destiny as human beings, as that which is outside of us (nature) is not outside at all. So we can see that if we realign the parts within us, we will solve the problems we see manifested in the outside world. This is the true reality/creation process which Nature is waiting for.


Kim Turfrey is a mother of two who lives in New Zealand and enjoys writing. She was born with a disability, and has used crutches for her whole life. She spent the majority of the first 12 years of her life living mainly in a hospital, away from her family, and now she writes about life as she sees it. You could contact Kim via Facebook.


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