A Manifesto for Breathing. {poetry}

We shall honor it when it arrives.
We shall let it go when it leaves.
In each moment, we shall try our best to acknowledge it,
to make space for it, to grow into it, to share it.
Like a blooming orchid, white
and open to receiving,
leaning ever so gently towards the light
and then so still in the night
it grows slowly, but strong.
We shall follow it into the reaches of our being,
where our seeing escapes us and our hearing falls deaf.
We shall not direct the course of it with force,
we know it to be spacious
therefore anxiousness will surely swallow it
and smother it into smallness.
We shall commit to learning
how to watch it move within the creases
where it fits just perfectly,
innately exhuming the void,
unearthing the crevasses unscathed by the senses.
We shall breathe,
in and out.
It shall reveal the sands
which you can land upon
without sure-footing or push,
trust the sound of its crashing upon the shore
of your collapsing hush
and inevitable welcoming of the silence.
Let it fill the tomb with life again
beginning deep within the womb of your humanness,
this bodily Kingdom — will you grant yourself admittance?
To float down its spiraling moat
you know you must surrender to its holiness.
Who is your kindred breath,
who holds the key
to unlock
the doors of its way in your memory?
What fruits hang from the branches there?
Which chords echo on the wind?
Somehow you know there is a tree somewhere
who will show you how to begin again,
and again.
It shall be the beginning every time,
where your bloodlines wind and intersect
with the pulsing of your muscles,
may your breath be the crossroads
to direct the attention of your intention
through to your voice,
your fingertips
and your heartbeat,
who alone throbs
in forgiveness
as your soul recollects
how to co-create with this fading infinite.
Let breathing be your escape from the solidness,
allow emptiness to mold
the circumference of the looking glass
you have longed to perceive the view through.
It is all so simple from up here,
as your body bends into a single branch
extending from the tree
which grew from the roots of you,
the one you knew you would somehow find somewhere.
Here, it glows with a luminescent silhouette
and beneath it reflects an ocean rippling,
transcending, exploring further into the nothingness
like you are
feeling your way up the bark of it,
through the dark and the thick foliage,
you can see its timelessness forged
upon your own skin
now snaking itself between
the shimmering gossamer
webbed within its markings,
its nerve endings inflate and float away
each time you touch down
into the sound of
its breathing,
where the great tower ends
and begins again,
where the light is magnified
and refracts
and burns
crimson hieroglyphs into the heavens,
like cosmic patterns —
this tapestry of lanterns
guiding you home
each time you breathe
in and out.



Marly Jean (Meandering) is a Canadian creatrix born of the Earth, the Sea, the Sky and the Fire. She is an intuitive interpreter of Nature, and a friend of the spirits who wander with her through deep forests and endless rivers. She is a painter, a lover, a builder, a writer, a visionary and a warrior. Spending most of her days creating, traveling, learning, listening, observing and engaging, her life mirrors what she feels so deeply within herself. She is a deep enthusiast for the Wild Life, finding both her inspiration and her motivation within the forces of the elements, going wherever the wind may take her. If you were to go looking for her, you would be wise to try the hillside, or where the trees tower, or the sea, crashing… or her website, or on Instagram.


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