Flowers: A Long-Distance Love Manifesto. {poetry}



Since I met you
I started to find flowers everywhere
In my pockets
In my books
The old boxes where I keep my old toys
Flowers on my tables;
The medication box that is empty since you came
Flowers under my bed
On my pillow
In the wooden drawers with locks
Of which I lost all the keys

Since I met you
I find flowers in my dreams
In the secret thoughts
The songs that got stuck on my tongue
Without really knowing the lyrics

Since I saw you
Flowers started growing on my spine, in my veins
Between chambers of my heart.
Flowers bloomed out of my ears
Petals were seen surfing on sound waves
Resonating with the frequency of my soul

When I saw you
My cat started chasing wildflowers on my balcony
Instead of mice
The birds have built a nest
On my bedroom window
From blossoming twigs

Since I met you
I started the weirdest cravings
Flowers for breakfast, petals for lunch,
And a touch of pollen in my drinks
I exchanged my habit of smoking
For inhaling the scent of spring

The moment I saw you
The sun transformed into a sunflower
your face became its star
And it orbited the day around you
To set behind your pillow
The second you close your eyes
The lost moon went crazy
And exploded into poems
In the night sky of my mind

Since I have you
An incredible phenomenon
Started appearing all around.
People who crossed our path
Discovered flowers in the most unusual ways
In the bread,
morning coffee
winter coats
all over the shop windows
The cracking spaces of paving stones

Since I love you
Working-class heroes
Started to find
Flowers in the piles of files,
The squeaking desks
Their bosses’ ties
Ashtrays with burning cigarettes

Since I met you
The whole educational system underwent a radical change
Students were tested on the Pythagorean system of flower arrangements
The geometrical form of budding seeds
The potential energy of a fallen leaf
Lavoisier’s rule of conservation of flowers
Mendel’s inheritance patterns of colors and fragrances
The topographic maps of earth’s plants
Baudelaire’s Fleurs du mal was taught in French classes
And kids’ eyes in the morning
Opened up easily
As they knew
They’ll be playing with colors
All day.

Since I have you
the evening rush hour is much more colorful
traffic lights became an ode to spring
flowers grew between the rails of late trains
the guitar cases of subway musicians
the rats 
the homeless
the lovers
the lost
the late
the tired
the millions of faces
longing for home
exchanged their worries
for a bunch of flowers

Since I have you, my love
strange newsflashes appeared
on the late night shows
flowers were seen on TV
dropping like bombs on various cities
popping out of machine guns
climbing on border walls
dripping out of prison doors
the scent of blooming flowers
found a path to enlighten souls
It seems the world has finally taken a break
To sit down and admire all those bursting colors
You brought into my existence

Is spring seeping into my life
Or is it love summoning all the flowers?


Elie Najjar and Christine Abou Nasr are Lebanese poets who have been in love for a while. Elie is an orthopedic surgeon who lives in Lebanon, while Christine is an engineer who lives in Paris. After meeting in a book club in Beyrouth, love seemed to take a step from the fictional world of books into the real world. Whether it’s in Beyrouth or Paris, they have searched for their favorite authors from Orhan Pamuk, Amine Maalouf and Alejandro Jodorowsky. Currently they are building their collection of books and writing poems when they are far from each other.


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