Practice How the Law of Attraction Really Works.

The Law of Attraction got a lot of attention when the movie The Secret came out.

There was a big uproar around how to manifest our dreams — and the message was that all we had to do was visualize what we wanted, and it would show up. But, as anyone who’s put the Law of Attraction to the test knows, it takes a lot more than visualizing to bring forth that which you desire. It takes embodiment.

Embodiment is when we not only think or believe or have faith that what we want will appear, but we know deeply within ourselves that it’s already happened. How can you know something has happened that hasn’t materialized yet? Because time is not a continuum, even though we experience it that way. 

All of time is happening all the time. And, according to quantum physics, every possibility is available at any given moment. We are constantly recreating our lives based on what we believe we are experiencing at any given moment. Man, I know that sounds heavy, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

What it all boils down to is this: we have an opportunity every single moment of our lives to change the course of our lives, no matter how strong the current is towards where you think you’re headed. And making that change takes more than just thinking about it, though thinking about it is a good start.

Our thoughts don’t only spring out of a reaction to our circumstances. If allowed to prosper unconsciously, they encompass the culmination of what we have embodied to date through our beliefs, the human race consciousness we have allowed ourselves to absorb, mostly unconsciously, and the evidence we have gathered from our previous experiences.

What I mean by human race consciousness is the embodiment of what those around us and the world at large believe… the influences on our lives by the greater whole of humanity and those in our inner circle — parents, siblings, teachers, friends and the like.

From taking our first breath, we build our beliefs and assumptions about the world based on what we’re told, the evidence of our experiences (or the meanings we make out of our experiences) and the observations we make of those around us — all gathered until we’re pretty sure we know what the world is about.

What many never come to realize is that what most call reality is simply a malleable substance that can be altered in a heartbeat when enough embodiment for the new reality has taken place. 

How much embodiment is enough? We only know that when the new reality shows up. Until that time, the practice of what makes the Law of Attraction really work is the key to everything.

So, yes, it starts with your thoughts. Be aware as often as possible when you are thinking in a negative way about what you want. In those moments, you are feeding what you don’t want. What we focus on, we give power to.

When you realize you are focusing on what you don’t want, have an affirmation handy that speaks to what you do want. Make it a sentence that’s easy to remember, such as “My life works magnificently” or “Time is on my side” or “I surrender to my higher good.” It’s important to have a short easy phrase that speaks to the deepest part of yourself, and can pull you out of negativity and relax you into what you do want.

Next, create a mental picture of what it feels and looks like to have whatever it is you want. The clearer the picture, the better. Again, make sure that this picture actually has the power to relax you into the knowing that you have what it is you want. Remember through all of this practice to breathe… deeply and regularly.

When first beginning a practice like this, it may be difficult to remember to do it when you’re in negativity or upset, but that’s the most important part of the practice: to get better and better at taking the time when you need this practice the most. I know lots of folks who take the time in the morning or evening to practice, but forget to bring it in during the day when engaged in some tough interactions.

We have a saying at our center by our founder Ernest Holmes, “To abandon the Truth in your hour of need is to not understand the Truth.”

The Truth is, you are a powerful, creative, spiritual being who can create in any moment what it takes to change the course of your life

I encourage you not to miss the opportunity when Life offers it. Go within, remember who you truly are, and practice, practice, practice. That’s when the Law of Attraction can come alive and you can experience the kind of results that are miraculous.


Rev. Cliff Rubin is the Senior Minister at Spiritworks Center for Spiritual Living in Burbank, CA. He is also the grateful husband of Ashley Fuller Rubin and father of Isaac Rubin. After achieving a BS in Filmmaking from the Los Angeles Film School, he has put together a troupe of amazing congregants to inspire through film, to creatively do what Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently stated, “Be the change you wish to see.”


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