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Clear the Darkness Within You by Diving Deep Within.


Can you love yourself while you are standing in a pile of your own crap? Feeling every horrible thing you never wanted to feel?

We all like to run away from these feelings because maybe we feel it has no value for us. We want to be happy. We want to be at peace, feel completely in alignment. But feeling these things, these horrible, painful emotions, is the greatest thing we can currently do to heal ourselves, humanity and Papatuanuku, our great Earth Mother.

Loving ourselves just as we find ourselves. In every moment of every day. That is the challenge we face.

If we realize that there is no separation between us in our individual physical form and all things, including Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother, we will see that what we do within us impacts all physical and non-physical life on this planet and the Earth Mother herself.

The work we do within us has far-reaching implications. When we clear energy from within us, this impacts everything. The most courageous thing we can do in these times is to dive deep within us, to heal the energies we feel, in order to help raise and heal all of life.

First though, we need to recognize and be clear about the difference between the energy within us, that rises up to be cleared and purged (the energy we need to sit in), and the energy we experience in our day-to-day, now moments (the energy we need to step out of).

One rises from within us. This is energy we have living inside of us that we have stored from previous experiences. This energy can be from childhood, carried over in our bloodlines or past lives, or from a traumatic experience in adulthood. This energy needs to be sat in and experienced.

The other is an energy that we find ourselves feeling in response to an external now moment. A moment that occurs as we go about our day-to-day lives. This energy we need to choose to shift out of.

For example, we may feel anger or frustration because the restaurant we are eating at served us substandard food. In that moment, we need to make a choice to step out of the energy of anger/frustration and choose a new experience.

Whether that means accepting and surrendering to the fact that what has occurred is for our highest good, or lovingly asserting our need for a replacement meal, is up to us. But that is a now moment that we can choose to step out of and enter into a higher vibration. That is not an energy that we are clearing or purging, this an energy that arises from an external circumstance.

One we sit with, one we step out of. We need to be aware of the difference between these two situations.

We are all experiencing moments of higher consciousness, and in those moments we feel absolutely connected, in alignment, expanded, loving, at peace, in gratitude. And when we feel these moments, we should grab them with both hands and enjoy them to the fullest.

But, we are told to continuously reach up for these levels of consciousness. In truth though, the human body and this physical reality are not able, in their present state, to sustain this kind of energy. First we need to clear the density.

We don’t actually need to reach or strive for moments of higher consciousness. They are us. What keeps us from being in these states continuously is the dense or dark energy within us. When we are told to constantly reach for levels of higher consciousness, we miss the truth that the work that is most needed to be done is in the 3D. The physical world. That is why we are here.

This is not an energy we should be trying to escape from. It is 3D or lower-density energy that needs shifting and clearing. We are not here to rise above, escaping physical form, we are here to take it all with us. We are all working on the task of making Spirit and matter one. We are taking our physical bodies and our Earth Mother and making them shift to a physical/spiritual reality.

In order to do that, we need to shift density. And that work starts within us.

As we shift frequencies, we all constantly experience emotions moving up from within us that need to be cleared. Don’t underestimate the impact of what we do when we clear the dark or dense energies within us.

And we don’t clear these energies by trying to shift out of them through tools such as prayer. We clear them by diving deep within them, feeling them, accepting them, sitting with them, and allowing them to be while loving ourselves fully in that state.

When we feel completely engulfed in our states of lower consciousness, we need to fully embrace that state. There is a reason we are feeling that way. Nothing is a mistake or an experience we didn’t sign up for. When we work on the dense or dark energies within us, we clear them for ourselves, for the collective and for Papatuanuku. Because we are all one, this work is for more than just us.

Yes, it may have started within us, but what we do impacts everything. Doing the work ourselves is that important. This is the work we all came to do. So when you feel like crap, give yourself a massive pat on the back. You are helping all of us.

We need to understand that Papatuanuku and all of this reality will not change by all of us trying to escape from the 3D into the 5D. It will shift by all of us getting stuck into the 3D reality. By getting down and dirty. By diving deep within us, into the muck and the dirt. That is the work we are all here to do.

Do not despair when you feel those dark emotions rise up from within you — fear, insecurity, anger, terror, all types of pain. Rejoice! For what you are doing impacts us all on a massive level. Don’t fight those feelings. Keep going. This is work we have all signed up to do in these times.

Instead of escaping by either trying to raise yourself out of those feelings or by sedation (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, anything that makes us feel good), feel those shitty painful emotions. Allow it to be. Honor the truth of those moments, and at the same time, love yourself in the fury of the storm. It’s okay to feel crappy, it’s okay to feel like we are in hell, draped in sadness.

We need to love ourselves courageously as we feel fully what comes up. I always find it helps me if I own and express those feelings to someone else as well. In that moment, I send the message to myself that it is okay to feel the way I do. I honor myself with love, and accept every moment I experience.

Feel what comes up out of us. Look at it, acknowledge it, allow it to be, and love yourself. It’s that simple.

This is how you shift frequencies. This is how you clear the darkness within you. And when you come out of that valley you descended into, you will rise higher than you ever went before. You will climb to that higher mountain peak, and not only you. You will take all of us and Papatuanuku with you.

And when you do, I’d say Hallelujah! Just remind yourself of what you just did. You did this for all of us. Thank you.


Kim Turfrey is a mother and lover of life who lives in New Zealand and has spent a lifetime working with plants as well as Earth and Spiritual energies in order to find healing for herself and others. Being born with the gift of disability has enabled her to see the world through different eyes, and develop a deep love and gratitude for life. She works with people all around the world through the vehicle of her business Confirmations of Self, and empowers them with sets of tools that enable them to identify and move through the current and future challenges they face in the unification process. If you would like to contact Kim for enquiries about this work, you can get hold of her via email or Facebook.


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