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We Are All the One Thing Seeking to Know Itself.


It’s time to love all that we are, in every shade of light and darkness. Time to honor without judgment the uniqueness of our own individual self.

It is through the acceptance and surrender to all that we truly are that we pick up the pieces of ourselves and start to put them back together as we head towards a state of unity.

When we come into union within ourselves, we aid in healing all that we know as reality. Through the act of uniting and accepting with love the dark and light or duality that resides within us, we enable the truth of that love to be reflected outside of us into the world. This self-love emanates from us to touch and heal humanity and Papatuanuku, our great Earth Mother.

As above so below, as within so without, as that which was torn apart in the birth of creation must now be called to come back together again. To be brought back into union, and therefore dispel the illusion of duality, is a journey that first starts within the self.

In order to know its Self, the One Thing manifested into two/duality, and traveled the journey from union into separation. It is not for us to know what the One Thing or No Thing is, but what we can know is how it manifests in our own personal lives. The One Thing brought about separation/duality so it could experience itself amongst the cycles of manifestation, and in this state come to know itself more.

This truth is reflected within us. It is also through the journey of separation/duality that we come to know ourselves and experience fully all that we truly are or can be.

In allowing us to be in our human-being-ness as miniature gods amongst the cycles of creation, the No Thing comes to know itself, in greater cycles of understanding, over and over. Manifesting through us, standing on the edge of the cliff of understanding, always about to fall off into the abyss of actualization. Certain in the knowledge that it forever has available, there is one more step to take upwards.

Constantly moving towards a greater understanding of itself, through the power of us. A never-ending journey of truth and expansion — expansion created through the gift of our ability to make free-will choices, and to express that choice through the power of our personal individuality.

That gift, the moment of expansion for the One Thing, comes into manifestation in our reality through us. For though we are all a part of the One Thing, it is through the distinction of our personalities that the One Thing comes to know itself in ways never conceived of previously.

Our individual personalities are the vehicle on which the One Thing steps off the cliff, forever growing, forever understanding itself in ways that were previously unknown.

The expansion is endless, and all things, every expression of individuality, is enshrined within the whole. Forever moving and propelling us forward as a collective.

In that collective lies the individual personalities of every human being, all of life, including Papatuanuku, our Earth Mother, for every movement we make, she does the same. So as we dive off the cliff into the abyss of a new understanding, in order to rise to a higher peak than we once attained, she also moves in waves of highs and lows in order to raise her vibrational levels higher than those previously attained.

It is our awareness of the importance of our individual personalities in the scope of the whole that keeps us on the path we have personally chosen to walk.

If we think of the No Thing as the land/whenua (Maori name for land) we live on, we can see that some of the land has been fenced off for certain tasks or purposes. For example, to grow crops or to raise livestock. Even though this portion of the whenua is fenced off, we are still very much aware that it is still part of the whole of the land.

We know that what we do on this little piece of whenua we have separated from the rest will impact the whole. If we cover the land in chemicals, we are aware it will run off and pollute the stream that borders the fenced off area and possibly poison all of the land.

Our individual human personalities are a fenced off area of the One Thing, in order to specialize or achieve a certain objective that can only be achieved through the individuality of us. That’s how important it is for us to believe in our right to express our true authentic selves. The One Self expands itself in this way, through us. Through me. Through you.

If you try to conform or hide who you truly are, we all lose out. All of us. That’s how truly important the uniqueness of you, me and all of us is. We also need to be aware of the truth that what we do affects all of the One Thing — are we spreading poison on our land or are we fertilizing it?

Even in saying that, our poison has its place too, for it is our descent into the abyss, our descent down to our own personal depths, our own personal darkness that will bring us back to the heights of the rise once again. The mountain peak we will scale will be higher than any we have ever climbed before.

Do you, me and everyone realize how important we are? We are all the One Thing seeking to know itself. In every way possible. Even the One Self has no idea where this will go, even though all things are known. For this is not an either/or reality. It is a both/and one, where all things are possible. So both statements are true. All things that will occur are known, and at the same time all things are unknown.

The possibilities are endless.

Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not shrink because others do not understand the path you seek to tread.

You being you — that is something we are all counting on. All human beings, all things and our great Earth Mother Papatuanuku. Because of our oneness, when we heal and love ourselves, we also heal and love Papatuanuku.

It’s time to stand up and claim the individuality that is you.


Kim Turfrey is a mother and lover of life who lives in New Zealand and has spent a lifetime working with plants as well as Earth and Spiritual energies in order to find healing for herself and others. Being born with the gift of disability has enabled her to see the world through different eyes, and develop a deep love and gratitude for life. She works with people all around the world through the vehicle of her business Confirmations of Self, and empowers them with sets of tools that enable them to identify and move through the current and future challenges they face in the unification process. If you would like to contact Kim for enquiries about this work, you can get hold of her via email or Facebook.


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