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The Boundless Love of a Mother.


Precious tears down the telephone line in absolute sympathy after a break-up. An embrace that centers you for this is where you are really from. A Wow commendation that hits you for there is only pure truth in all that is uttered from this mouth. The hallmarks of a mother’s love are boundless.

Some mothers dote, some inspire, some try so hard (more than you realize) with their children. There are the few who ooze glamour and sparkle. And then, increasingly, there are the superwomen who can turn their hand to anything. We are all here and present because we have one.

If you won the jackpot and are blessed with a good mother, you will appreciate how this woman has shaped, nurtured and strengthened you.

Appreciation, sometimes, comes with the fullness of time. Perhaps you are a mother now and see the challenges firsthand your mother faced with you? Or, you have clarity moments where you observe this woman and think how awesome she is in all that she does and gives?

My desire to become a mother was thwarted, but the maternal instinct in me is still strong. It is how we interact with others.

I have always been swept up and carried along by an army of brilliant, caring women. Those women who taught me Cannot is not a word. Pouring out emotions when their son dropped me and retorting with the killer comment, Men are nasty when they decide to leave! Challenging me to see the small differences we can all make.

A mother’s love stems from her innate ability and capacity as a woman to give freely and generously to those she cares about.

There is no segregated club for mothers.  We live in a skill-sharing society.  Yes, I know I would have adopted better managerial skills if I had been lucky to have a brood of my own. Recently admiring how a working-class mother of four, three boys and a girl, handled her family single-handedly, on a commuter over-ground train, I wondered how I would have coped in that exact situation.

Mothers’ talk at work still interests me. My views on education are counted. The interest I have on child development psychology can help other women. And the referencing of my young niece and nephew gives me credibility.

When I was studying English Literature in my late teenage years, I came across an English novelist whose words resonated with me: Rosamond Lehmann. My mother read her books too. An unlikely gift when you go through a split in adulthood, I bought my mother ‘Rosamond Lehmann: A Life’ and thanked her for her support in an inscription inside the book.

She had that gift by her bed for a couple of years. Possibly, she was safeguarding me, by way of the book, as I was rebuilding and carving out my new life?

For those priceless words, endless hugs and the goodness that is instilled in us from our mothers and other women never go away. They linger and are impermeable. 

Life will not give you everything you desire. It is meant to be full of challenges to overcome. Your mother and kindly women friends will do their best by you. But what a boost to your life, if you have that input!


Since joining a writing group at work at a London University, Keri France has become more productive. She now has 20 published articles and a short story to her credit. Currently working on various projects. Keri surrounds herself with real, creative people, and is fascinated by people who surprise and choose what they want to be.


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