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Winter Heart: In Love, There Is No Distance.


The first moments of sunset. Last call for a horizon on fire.

I lay tossed on a grassy field underneath a split sky. Wondering if you can see all the beauty I see within you, within me. Percolating thunderstorms roll over the soft blue of a sun-splashed day. My unruly feminine form surrounded by mountains and flooded with the same contrast as the cloudscape hovering over me. Such intense wonder and corresponding heart pain.

Where I love the most, the beauty is laced with ache. The shadow side of passion. The balance to navigating through a temporal existence with an open heart. To living and loving fully. Deeply.

Each explosion of thunder rips me down the middle. I toss my arms up behind me and open my chest to the sky. My enduring strength shape-shifts into surrender. Leaving me to cry out an ocean of questions, fears, dreams, longings, and desires. Letting my salty release pour into the ground below me. Renewing life. Cleansing. Clarifying.

I’ve had to teach myself that tears aren’t a weakness, they are another reflection of strength. Feeling it all and swimming through the depths is the way of the true warrior.

I offer my heart to this moment of solitude, and honor the duality of all that is light and dark within me. All that is light and dark within you. That collision of love and loss. Of hope and despair. Of connection and separation. Of life and death. These cycles of implosion and expansion. I give and receive it all. All because of love. All because of you.

I float among the clouds somewhere between an end and another new beginning. Where colors and textures overlap. Always straddling this line of letting go and holding on. Of running and rooting. Of merging and blocking. I’m at home in the space between, where dreamers hold court for the manifestation of new worlds.

I find comfort in potential, and am seduced by all that could be created in the blank canvas of the unknown. I reach for you. My endless dream. Calling out in thunder and pending rain. Can you hear me rumble through time and space? Can you feel me dance and tremble in your rain?

My body is a vessel for more than I can comprehend. Yet, here I am beneath a sky of incremental change, knowing that the answers I seek lay in this thunderous silence. So, I listen. Through my body. Through each breath caught in my throat. Through closed eyes and a pulsing soul. I press my body into the earth and release my heart to the galaxies within and without.

We cannot expand without allowing the outgrown pieces of us to fall behind. What we become in the wake of change is up to how much we are willing to face within ourselves. Within each other.

Behind every goodbye is a tiny death. Behind every moment of pleasure is the same. But in love, there is no distance. In connection, there is no time. We can carry with us all that we can hold. The beauty you can’t say goodbye to is the beauty that becomes you.

{Photo credit: Tiffany Bisconer}


Tiffany Bisconer is a bursting-hearted lover of all things passionate and is quite intent on squeezing the most out of her life’s potential. She is a bona fide beauty connoisseur with an exceptionally hungry brain, and has become quite accustomed to fighting for some sense of equilibrium between a complete surrender to dreamscaped idealism and the stubborn tempering of pragmatism. In her attempt to quiet and express the oft urgent and clawing desires of her being, she dances, sings, photographs, writes, paints, loves or otherwise finds some manner in which to siphon the voice of her heart. You could connect with her via her websiteFacebookInstagramPinterest or Tumblr.


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