I Am Learning to Hold All Things Gently. {poetry}


I am learning to hold all things gently
To not clench down and hold tightly to what finds its way for a time into my hands
To not turn my back
Because sometimes I’m tempted
Or refuse experiences and people that maybe aren’t what I’d choose for myself

Because the earth moves in cycles
The world doesn’t stop like it’s reached some final destination
It’s slow and soft sometimes
And wild and rough others
All things give and take
There is a mystery of push and pull

And maybe those things that I hold softly in my hands
Those things that are so dear to me right now
Tomorrow, next week, in a month or a year
Will have reached an expiration of sorts
It will be time to let them go
To let them move from my gentle open fingered hands into their next best places
Time for release
A death of sorts
I grieve, but I let go
So new things can take that space

It’s hard sometimes
When something seems really good
To not hold too tightly
It can be difficult to hold yourself in a place where your arms are wide open to the world
When there seems to be one thing
Maybe one person
That you feel should stay

You do yourself and real love a disservice
Sometimes love means letting go
Things have seasons
And you can stunt yourself from growth you need, from moving into your next stage, your next most perfect place
If you choose to grip too tightly with your beautiful fingers

When a spectacular moment finds me
When I get to rest in a moment that seems almost too wonderful
I know that it won’t stay that way
Because everything moves
Everything changes
People don’t stay the same
And why would I want them to?

There is so much in this moment
But the energy of life
Is a moving energy
It’s pure
It’s alive
The seasons don’t slow
They don’t stop
And if we don’t accept the changes they bring
If we drag our feet
Or try to stop completely
We are only hurting ourselves
We are keeping our souls back from moments we’re meant to move into

There is more, darling
I promise you
It doesn’t always make sense when a moment starts to fade
When those beautiful things in your hands begin to curl and dry at the edges
Or maybe a person communicates with you, it’s time to move on

Let go, release
While it’s still that exquisite thing you’ve adored
Before your holding damages the beauty of what you’ve had the great honor of experiencing
Gently like you’d hold a butterfly
You’d not want to hurt its wings
Let it stay
Let it go
Appreciate fully this moment while it rests here

Loss and death
Just make room
For fresh things
Things that sometimes we understand and sometimes we don’t

Darling, stay open
Let your heart grow
Let yourself be stretched
Being prepared for your next moments
Those beautiful opportunities that are even now moving towards you
Stay open and love freely

So I choose
And I’m inviting you now
To choose with me
To greet the world with arms wide
To receive with open hands
To keep your heart full
of real love
With no expiration
Giving without expectation
To let this love be the center
The substance
Of all you are
And all you do
Embracing every moment
And letting it be.


Jessiclaire Wolf is a romantic, poet, wanderer, photographer, and lover of the derelict and decay. In her free time, she explores abandoned places and photographs them. She is a domestic abuse survivor, and some of her art is focused on raising awareness and breaking the stigma of shame surrounding victims and speaking out.


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