The Birds Still Migrate in Formation. {poetry}


On clear days, as seasons change around the world, it is possible to see the beauty of migration in the sky.

V-shaped groups of birds fly in their natural rhythms to find a more welcoming climate, more readily available sustenance. They fly, perhaps, only through the dreams and pull of their ancestors. They are not aware of borders or fearful of walls or fences.

These flights may be because of changes, a lack of shelter, a climate that no longer sustains them or their next generations. This is one of the most natural cycles in the world — the freedom to travel in safety, with dignity. Flights paths are chosen in order to find the way of least resistance. Birds fly in formation to use the strength and energy of their fellow birds. They trust the leader to direct them.

It is a natural trust that is never in doubt. Any mistakes on the leader’s part are quickly realigned and they continue, with success, to their new place in the world.

Migration, of one form or another, will always be a part of the natural world. Humans have traveled for centuries, left their homes to find new, more filling places. Human populations across the world have been strengthened and diversified because of this movement.

When force and violence are aimed at migrating peoples, there is a destructive rippling, tearing effect. This pulses through the entire planet and limits the growth and future of all humans.

When will we finally accept this?


“Migration is as natural as breathing, as eating, as sleeping. It is part of life, part of nature.” ~ Gael García Bernal

The birds still migrate in formation,
a clear, crisp chance of redemption,
of renewal of the natural rhythm
of the world, continuing
unencumbered, unthreatened.

There are no birds flying with
blood on their beaks,
only those who believe in
peace of flight.

Migration is not blocked, not questioned
it is set against a wide open sky.
It is marked by seasonality in many cases.
In others, there is an innate hope
for changes in nourishment
and protection of the young.

Arctic revivals, northern flights,
the return of the sun,
There is the promise in the autumn
and winter of southern warmth.

If fed and nourished, some birds
stay in place. Even the small, spinning
hummingbird can face the cold
when fed and welcomed,
avoiding the costs of exhaustion.

In that, there is no fear of stop over
sites where prey may stand in wait,
where parasites and pathogens may invade
disrupting the flow,
endangering the beauty in diversity.


Marie Turco is a poet and writer from Philadelphia, PA. She has published poems and writing in online in spaces like Rebelle Society, The Voices Project, The Mighty and other publications. Her poetry, focusing on mental health discrimination, was made into a play, “The Sanity Trials,” in 2018 and performed by the Philadelphia Theatre Company, The Bridge-PHL. She is slowly working on a poetry book. Marie is temporarily stranded in TN. She is a strong disabilities advocate. Her main inspirations come from the Spirit, mental health discrimination, our current chaotic world, and a deep care for people. Marie was a Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist for 30 years. She lives with a family of pets, including her service dog, Maya.


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