It’s 2020: Choose to Exit the Same Old Cycle.


On occasion something jolts and jars us out of the engrained pattern of our conditioning, coming to impinge upon the limiting prison of our narrow view constituting our local, familiar reality. Straight out of the heavens: transmitted and delivered from above and beyond! A miracle, a magic trick, a maneuver pulled on us lovingly by a higher being, force, or divine system of intelligence encoded in energy. A shock wave shot through the status quo, a new element that ripples through consciousness and gets to work forming and forging an unanticipated synthesis through a receptive mind that silently and faithfully toils toward for a better way.

Usually this extraordinary gift or grace is granted after many hours of relentlessly difficult exertion, as when I am endurance-cycling many, many miles, or during hours in which I am well into a fierce wrestling match with my direct contender: the tangles of my own mind. Is there really a difference anyway?

Cycling is my moving meditation. Though not often recognized as such, it is contemplative by its most fundamental nature: you stick with the basics and repeat like a mantra something like 10,000 times the regulation of the breath and pedal stroke until you achieve steady, perfect motion tracing the arc of the sacred circle.

You cycle long and hard, you cycle through, you cycle it out, you cycle until you are done with the recalibrations of soul, until you are reconnected with the infinite vastness that is the larger Whole, until you are reenergized, realigned, recognized once more as a Coherence with a Clear Understanding and a Coordinated Future.

That is to say, a breakthrough, a rare clarity comes out of an unusual convergence of conducive elements, a consortium of auspicious influences, a confluence of good-natured variables. It takes work, sustained effort, and a will that searches, seeks, yearns, struggles.

By slicing through the usual obfuscations, releasing tiresome and repetitive conditioned stories, dissolving habitual preoccupations, the deeper psyche’s desire wins us over for a momentary slice of time; we are one with the simple joy of an uncluttered view, we are the relief that accompanies unlimited expansiveness, we become a quiet, self-contained exhilaration that results of a clean, unmarred slate.

So easily are we re-ensnared, recaptured, so easy it is to forget! Slapped back to ground zero, I, like most, must crawl my way out of the mud again.

I had concluded that it was probably the stuff of life to inevitably get all riled up and fired up, necessitating the need to grind out restored equilibrium through labor-intensive processes like this, but wait! But what if?

Or shall I say why wait? Why not open to a radical possibility? To simply choose to exit the same old cycle? Just like that. Why not excavate the deepest luminosity that holds true to a truth that slashes through the congestion wisely aching for clarity?

Why not entrain oneself into the intangible intuition that needs no lengthy realization in time to be felt, to be absorbed, and to be assimilated?

The Sun shines continuously. Behind thick inky clouds and behind the veil of the rocky Earth as it faces outward into Interstellar Space. It is just behind us. Though all is dark and shadowy. Though all light is lost.

Do not rely solely on empirical confirmations! Open an inner eye. Remind yourself of the acausal connective principle and the wisdom of the irrational; cultivate inner qualities such as faith and trust and intuitive inner knowing.

This all-pervading, sustaining energy shines and carries on whether on or off the saddle, whether day or night, summer or winter, right here or halfway around the world: this is the era not of contemplative cycling, but of a deeper awakening to this kind of certain continuity. An unbroken momentum that begets a gradual but faithful Evolution.

The Awakened radiant love-sung Soul shines continuously. This is its potential. This is the meaning of a wise guru who once marked his disciple as Sunshine, holding fast to our deepest luminous nature.

It is there. 

It is always there.

Finally: a means to transcend being punily hitched to the ebb and the flow! No more being caught up in the latest tide, unable to find a foothold in the silty, slippery mud in between ocean-singed toes!

The fact of our deeper unchanging reality ascends in priority and in presence; the almost unfathomable, billions-years old matrix, a continuously-churning ocean generating and devouring, contains the larger point, the most important objective, the singular purpose. Have we lost sight as one tiny-puny splash gets salt in our eyes and we squirm and squeal and squawk our stupid complaints?

2020 restores sight. The cosmic optometrist has corrected your myopia, your cataracts, and your confusion-causing, maya-made projections. Just like that. All you have to do is cross over. Luckily Time has just taken care of this for you.

Not through struggle. Not through contemplative cycling. Not through a cycle of samsara, karma, catch and release, catch and release.

But by relocating.

By moving out of the cycle. Through satori!

Through an instant awakening. It’s that easy. It’s that hard.

Distilled as the lightness of playful, joy-riddled song: I can see clearly now the rain has gone! Poof! The need for a thicket of hard labor releases.

May it be our new hymn, our contemporary sonic banner of wild unconditioned hope, a prayer you turn over and over and over on some back-burner of mind so as to keep that fire stoked and the intention alive, an undying Remembrance kept as an inner stowaway, a free gift of Father Time, now, in the procession of the heavens, as we cross over, accessible as an direct upload of the clear-pure truth of your truest nature as unfailing radiance, this song encoded on your devices and in the Cloud and engrained as it is in the tissues and traces of the neural networks of your brain!

Don’t refuse it, don’t resist, never turn your back on it. 2020 is the clearest revelation of the case being made along the way, where I was headed, where we were headed. It is the Godhead. Keep connected to Sunshine Shining with opened Inner Eye!

Beyond the literal and obvious and worldly good and bad, a trans-valuation of values, see and stay true to those blue skies beyond and behind your patterning, the conditionings you’ve been imprinted with.

It is Nature, human nature: allow for the movement back and forth, all is finding its right place in the dynamic whole, all is working itself out, the soaring and scattering, one step forward, 20 steps back, into the hindrances and hang-ups and bad, bad habits, but don’t get entangled in any one small movement. Move with it all. Just keep moving.

There is a symphonic Whole self-orchestrating.

How glorious when, elongated over eons, it is, by an unusual stretch of the imagination, perceived all put-together. In its beautiful integrity.


Sarah McKelvey is a free spirit who enjoys introspecting, speculating, and writing about life, love, synchronistic experiences, identity, psyche, self-cultivation, and her various misadventures. She typically writes in the context of traveling, and is informed by Eastern wisdom traditions, depth psychology, and the iconoclastic teachings of Alan Watts. Words are her favorite medium. In her pursuits, she pursues truth, beauty, and goodness, and hopes to, through her endeavors and writing, promote a life-affirming attitude that belongs on the spectrum of love. She lives along the Front Range outside of Denver, and practices psychotherapy professionally.


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