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The Way of the Journey Back Home Is Love.


What we are is cellular matter — a cycle of life centered upon an energetic exchange between heart and air. Our lives are components of a larger whole.

Each of us is finely designed to carry the imprint of life as specified by Creation.

Every person is as important as the next. No one is designed more mindfully. In fact, the will and love of the Creator shines as brightly on each new soul as the next.

And so goes the life cycle of the soul. Reborn again and again — over and over — in new times and spaces. Cast upon a different human existence to learn — and sometimes — relearn the same lessons until mastered.

That’s the purpose of each time our cellular matter is reborn inside earth school. Certain priorities exist for the purpose of our human 3D existence. And on the larger scale, within the 3D vessel, but connected to infinity, lies the soul. The soul is attached to the lifeline of the Universe. The lifeline of the Universe is consciousness, thereby the soul follows the path set before it.

The 3D human feet may hem, haw and fight ceaselessly against certain lessons, but the soul carries its known imprint. Divinely guiding the human connected within it. Finely tuned with the intentions of the greater good as it cycles us through earth’s advancement.

So we soldier on. Each of us. Some of us aware, some of us unaware, and some of us somewhere in the middle. We each soldier on, in line with the path as set out by our soul, so that the structure of the whole is captured by the heartbeat of each sacred individual.

In this sense, we are reminded that nothing is real. All is as planned by the Divine. We are merely energetic starbursts living the best lives we can. Vessels whose loving cups for existence are fueled by the sun and harvested by the stars that we’re born beneath. Sacred lives of love and riches that pertain to the gifts harvested from within.

With each new life, and each new lifetime, we get to blossom into the consciousness that we are born for. And with each new breath and every step forward, we strive, only to find, at the end of the line, our soul’s truth. And the truth is: love.

Gigantic love. Blissful love. Divine love. Godly love.

Love born from freedom of thinking and outside the power of expectations or hope. Pure and blind love. Love that binds us to our soul, and mirrors our true essence.

Real love, as crystal clear as the diamond mind we are each born with every lifetime. Unmarred by societal beliefs and illuminated only by the true beat of our own hearts, of who we are.

Each time we return to earth school, we are reminded that these vessels exist for truth-seeking. And the truth is only love — pure divine energy that connects us to our hearts, our souls, and to each other.

So release the fight. Release the burden of the mind. Lean into the truth and rebel against all rules. For within each life cycle, when our cellular matter is reborn, at the very center of everyone is pure Godly love. And our business is to find it, every time.

The way home lies within you. Lean into your heart, and trust your soul. Trust your soul to take you home. To the only truth that is.

“Love is all you need.” ~ The Beatles


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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