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How To Face Life in This Moment of Great Uncertainty.


To live in the moment is probably one of the largest challenges of humankind.

Equipped with the power of recollection that unfailingly binds us to the past and an imaginative ability that perpetually keeps us anticipating what will come in the future, attending to what is here and now seems almost like a revolutionary act against our own nature. And to some extent it is, because consciously experiencing the present is shaking the structure of our thinking to its core.

However, in times like these, that are shaped so pervasively by uncertainty, fear and evanescence, the current moment is everything that can give us a sense of security, a hunch of comfort. When thoughts about the future cause waves of despair and pain, and the memory of what has been triggers feelings of guilt and lost opportunities, the only safe haven we can count on is the present moment.

This instant has the potential to make us feel peace, feel at ease, from our sorrows. We can sink into its soft arms to rest, feel its warm kisses with all our senses, see the world at its best. Because in it, there is beauty. The beauty of the small things, the wonder of all subtlety, the force of life itself.

When our hearts seem to crumble and the world seems to stumble into a hazy mist of question marks, seemingly invincible and way too big to tackle, take a moment, take a breath. Find refuge in what is tangible, what is concrete. Attend to what is surrounding you, stretch your mind to what you can grasp, immediately. And find that there is serenity.

Find it in your own breath, so soft and firm, breathing you in infinite waves. Find it in the sound of birds chirping, in the first buds craning their necks, in rustling leaves waving from old trees. Find it in the tenderness of a wrinkly old face, in the smile of a stranger, the cry of a child, the touch of a dear friend.

Find it in the wind that strokes your face, the smell of spring, the sweetening sound of music, the shape of moving clouds, the moon rising in another quivering night. Can you see what’s hidden in each moment there? Here, in this delicate awareness of the present, the ephemeral nature of existence becomes bearable.

‘Cause what we can sense, smell, see, hear, and taste can plainly not be doubted, not at all denied. Our experience is the witness, vast and beady-eyed.

We are held and we do know it, once we feel the ground under our feet, the hand on our cheek, the shoulder when we are weak. This can all be livable, doable, defeatable, if we only manage to move from moment to moment, equitably.

Move slowly, patiently, stumblingly, again and again noticing, what is, currently there. Carried by this chain of instants that are living us, linked together by a hidden hand guiding us, feeling the feelings that conquer us. The eye for the detail’s what’s saving us, making us feel and trust.


Nina Hoelzl is a documentary filmmaker and Sea Shepherd activist based in Berlin and traveling worldwide to seek stories and lend her voice to those, who struggle to be heard. Inspired by nature, encouraged by spiritual wisdom and interested in truthful human encounter she tries to creatively navigate through a world of contradictions on the outside and within.


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