Thank You, Teachers, in These Challenging Times.


I prefer to believe in humanity.  It just feels better.

My son, like so many young people, began homeschooling on March 16. He and I are feeling the learning curve. Through this uncertainty, his teacher and I have been in contact via email and phone calls. She also arranged a video conference with my son’s class. I overheard him laughing and chatting.

My cousin is a 5th grade teacher at a public school. She is holding the hands of 26 families, and homeschooling her own children.

There are uncountable instances deserving our gratitude, so many people, in numerous situations, demonstrating admirable service to our species’ community. While everyone is deserving, this is my love letter to teachers specifically.

Dear Teachers,

Thank you! Like seriously, I don’t know how you do it. Friday afternoon, my son was scheduled for a school field trip on Monday. Saturday afternoon, the field trip was cancelled. Monday afternoon, I received an email from his homeroom teacher, consisting of login credentials for five web-based education sites and curriculum for the week.

I see technology as a tool, like a pen or a hammer. I see value in the intention of its use. I imagine so many parents who don’t understand, fear, or outright reject technology. I imagine this perception, while not necessarily incorrect, creates all kinds of challenges for you who, following district guidelines, intend a continued enriching education for students.

I work from my laptop. My son is working on his homework while I write this. I admit, it’s more challenging to focus with frequent interruptions, but I’m not frantically searching for reliable and affordable childcare while I go to a place of work. I’m also not wondering when I will be allowed to actually go back to work.

You, amazing teachers, offer your time and expertise in education (and troubleshooting, even when the issue is, I admit, operator error!).

I feel for you; I really do! You already were in charge of 30-or-so kids, now you’re facilitating homeschooling, with families who did not consent to it, families who feel the rug being pulled out from under them.

I think about your salary, without compensation for this overtime, transitioning your curriculum from in-classroom to virtual. Is it possible to make it up to you?

If those of us, who are now homeschooling your students, complain or resist, I’m sorry. It’s not about you. It’s our uncomfortable feelings unconsciously taking it out on the person who is commendably serving our kids’ educational needs as best as anyone can in these challenging times.

Perfection is not expected. I feel your empathy; I hope you feel mine. Your intention for our kids’ well-being, and your attention to the details that serve this intention, demonstrate why you’re exactly who I want to lead my son.

Thank you. Thank you for your patience and resilience. Thank you for your dedication and resourcefulness. Thank you for your humanity. And, thank you for letting us witness your actions that we might strive to emulate.

With gratitude, Christy


Christy Kirsch lives in California, and doesn’t mind if you judge her. When she’s cranky, time in the garden with her strawberries, chocolate mint and poblano chilies usually sets her straight, so does a swim in the Pacific Ocean.


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