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Love or Fear: People Around the World Are Uniting.


The world as we knew it ended. COVID-19 seemingly came from nowhere. A highly contagious virus that spread across and around the globe exponentially.

It is a historic event. A defining point in history that affects everyone in this world. History will be written about the actions occurring in the present time. For the United States, 9/11 would be the closed point of history previous to this. The world would change in unimaginable ways as a result of germs that sickened, and in some cases killed people. History is written by the survivors and the people in power.

What will be said about us? Who are we? What will emerge to define this generation of human beings who faced an unseen enemy that could be anywhere (in people, on surfaces) that took some and left others? No one would be left unscathed. Suffering occurred physically for some and mentally for others, however this event is affecting everyone.

In a very short amount of time, our economy and how people make money has been upended. How people live their lives will be changed from this time forward.

The grocery stores, pharmacies and life-sustaining businesses are the allowed economy now. We are living in a pandemic. A pandemic is defined as “a disease prevalent over a whole country or world.” We have been asked to stay home to avoid the spread of the virus. Social distancing (staying six feet away from other humans and avoiding contact) is the catchphrase of the day.

We share eye contact and smiles. Maybe a few words, if we choose to, but that is all. Wash your hands is today’s mantra.

We face the biggest decision of our lives. What do we believe?

Love or fear?

Whatever the choice as creators of our lives, that will be what we will see. Perception is reality. Perception being the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses. And, what we focus on becomes greater which is important to remember. Each person is given the ability to choose what will be the foundation, the basis of how they live their lives.

Love or fear?

Some from positions of comfort, some with nothing, and yet it will be the same decision regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.

Love or fear?

Ordered not to emerge for at least two weeks (it most likely will be more), some would cower behind closed doors. Others would thrive taking the time to walk in nature, meditate, create art taking time to draw in love and radiate it out. Most would vacillate between love and fear, some days grounded and some days warbling and spiraling in fear. It really depends on the day.

Connection in a time where humans are not to be coming into contact with other humans in order to save lives becomes fertile ground for creativity. Zoom groups have popped up for happy hours, free music offerings, craft circles and virtual connection. Connection being as simple as my light joining your light creating one flame.

We can choose to rediscover our connection to spirit taking religion out of it, the energy that joins all things. Spirit joins spirit. Energy commingles with energy through words read or spoken through cell phones or across the internet. People around the world are uniting as we all together battle an unseen enemy.

The sense of touch is heightened as awareness of people and surfaces are questioned. An invitation to be present, addressed to the world has arrived. The invitation is to slow down, breathe, be in this moment. A sudden nudge to expand our awareness and focus on what is here now. The uncertainty and unknowingness is uncomfortable.

We don’t like discomfort. Most of us, avoid it at all costs. However, as Winston Churchill said during WWII, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Doctors and leaders urge us to breathe, to meditate, to walk in nature, to remain present, and spend time with the people in our houses. This pandemic will pass. We get to choose how we will live through it.

Circumstances are neutral, how we think about them is our choice. What will it be, love or fear? You decide.


Darlene Versak lives in Plymouth Meeting, PA with her two sons, where she finds laughter at the most inappropriate time and in all things, especially herself. Searching for her tribe and living with a heart that has been broken open, she is expanding on a daily basis believing that writing her truth will heal her and maybe the world. She works as an accountant by day, a Life Coach in the evenings, and in the mornings she writes. She has published articles online at Rebelle Society, The Tattoed Buddha and Elephant Journal. She is part of an anthology of poems called “Breathing Words”, published in 2017 and available on Amazon. You could contact Darlene via Facebook.


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