Let Us All Unite as We Are One. {poetry}


I wrote this poem because I cannot imagine what people are going through right now. I just know that this is what I am going through and feeling.


Beyond human comprehension is the scale of this tragedy,

We sit, wait and worry about loved ones and family.

Not knowing when we will see them again,

But our resolve to stay strong we must maintain.

The devastation and death uncontrollable it seems,

The hugs, kisses and embraces far away in our dreams.

We are not alone, the whole world is afflicted,

This is something that no one could ever have predicted.

We know what we must to do to make things right,

But we are fools, not listening; why do we need to fight?

Us human beings, we think we know it all,

Ignoring the advice and heading for a fall.

It’s easy, just stay at home, we are told,

But some don’t listen, they can’t be controlled.

They ignore the warnings and head for the outdoors,

Take heed, you fools, and use the online stores.

The four walls of our homes are a haven where we are protected,

Don’t open that front door, don’t get infected.

We are not being asked to do the impossible,

It’s not a choice, it’s not optional.

Take care of your loved ones and make it matter,

Don’t be ignorant and allow the germs to just scatter.

Wash those hands like never before,

Don’t show apathy, it’s not a chore.

Make the most of the time you have been given,

Play games, bake, be creative and be more driven.

Don’t become a statistic and don’t become a victim,

Though some have no choice but to help those with symptoms.           

These are the ones who are fighting the cause,

Unprotected, unselfish and deserving of applause.

Let’s not make their work even harder,

Don’t head for the door; instead, head for the larder!

People are dying, they are dropping one by one,

Please, God, we are sorry for what we have done.

We should pray for forgiveness and not be proud,

Say it clearly and say it loud.

Dear God, grant us the strength to be one and unite,

To overcome this evil, love one another, not fight.

Give us the wisdom to know right from wrong,

Help us save the earth to which we belong.

Our earth, which we should treasure and protect,

Has known nothing but recklessness and neglect.

Is it true that we can see some healing?

Bluer skies, fresher air and a brand new feeling.

Is this your plan, what you want to make clear?

To show us our stupidity of not holding our earth dear?

Let us all unite as we are one,

There’s no you, me, them or us; this is not a dry run.

Corona does not discriminate,

No one is safe, there’s no room for hate.

So be kind, love one another and hold your head up high,

Give it your best shot, vow to live and not die.


Indira Mahun was born in India but grew up in the UK. She had a colorful childhood and faced many challenges in her personal life, especially during the married years. Her children are her absolute life, as is her beautifully gorgeous grand-daughter who makes everything okay. Indira is a teacher, and loves the job and the satisfaction it brings. There’s nothing like the grin on a child’s face when they open their exam results. Indira has been divorced and widowed, and is now in a happy relationship. She will devour books, and is known to have read 11-12 books a week whilst on holiday. She also loves to write, and her ambition is to have her novel published one day. Indira also enjoys traveling and seeing the world, and has been lucky to have visited many places. Her motto is ‘live and let live’.


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