Liberate Yourself From the Shadow of Shame.


Shame. The master emotion. The one we will do anything to conceal, bury, deny.

To be ashamed is to be exiled. Cast out of the garden.

Shame is, in essence, embarrassment at our own humanity. The humiliation of our curiosity, our sensuality, our complete and utter aliveness.

Ultimately, I believe that shame manifests from the deep collective wound at the sheer omnificence we hold as human beings: the unlimited power to create.

Here’s how it happens: Our power and awareness of ourselves (and others) begins to ‘turn on’ as we enter into adolescence. We quickly get a taste of it, and are able to directly experience the consequences of our creations. We become accountable for our actions and mistakes in ways we never experienced in childhood. The more powerful we become, the more the world around us tries to squash it.

Society fears power because it makes us completely responsible for our lives. As Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure.” This is how the shame of power originates.

Adolescence is assimilation time. We learn that the creative essence (power) emanating from the core of our being is not always acceptable. And because all we want is to be loved and accepted, we drive it away. We begin to mold ourselves to fit into a watered-down version of us that society deems acceptable. We learn to distrust our inner voice.

We begin to believe that others know what’s best for us, and from there, sadly, our spark slowly fades. We are no longer sovereign beings with hopes, dreams, and desires that are organic to us. We succumb to conditioning.

But this wasn’t true for everyone. The troublemakers, rule-breakers, and rebels were the kids who were not so easy to contain — can you relate? You were connected to your instincts from an early age. You expressed yourself freely. You resisted conforming to the unspoken laws of the outside world.

You marched to the beat of your own heart and you stayed true to yourself for longer because you saw through the bullsh*t. You stood up against the imposed societal expectations again and again. You questioned the systems, whether it was school, your family, or the government. You could never trust a tyrannical God.

You are the black sheep. The anomaly.

And on some level, you know you are destined to bring the world into consciousness.

But time and time again, we’re reminded that when we stand up against society’s unconscious tyranny, we’re exiled, burned, crucified. Like Prometheus stealing the fire from the immortal gods. And Jesus speaking of divine love in the dark ages.

If you relate to any of this, I can say without a doubt that you are part of the Sacred, Holy Rebellion, which means that you are a living example that we are all God incarnate and our true authority is internal.

You scare people!

And yes, you were likely harshly punished for this. Scolded for telling the truth. Called crazy for stating facts! For not backing down. Told you were bad. You’re disruptive. You’re arrogant and selfish. An idle dreamer with nothing to offer.

You got to know shame intimately.

When shame pervades, it can cause us to deny and suppress our power. It goes into the dark and we begin to act it out unconsciously. Power unwielded manifests as chaos and destruction if we’re not careful.

Shame make us feel extremely burdened. Over time, we internalize this idea that we are, in fact, sinful, bad, ugly people. Shame is the beginning of the loss of innocence. We get super serious, which stops us from truly enjoying life. We develop this unconscious idea that we’re not allowed to enjoy, to take pleasure, to have fun! We’re not allowed to be innocent!

The worst thing shame does for us is remove us from our bodies and cause us to lose touch with our primal energies.

Carl Jung said that the further we ascend into consciousness, the more we are separated from our original nature.

So, I have a wild, crazy suggestion for those Holy Rebels who deeply want to bring light to the darkness on this planet, but are struggling with the heavy burdens of shame and guilt: I want you to know that it is possible to be filled with crazy wisdom and still reclaim your wild innocence. You can be woke and intelligent, while still laughing, exploring, and sinking into the world’s beauty.

In fact, I believe both are equally necessary. These two acts are not as separate as your mind might make them out to be.

So, sing, dance, liberate yourself from shame by experiencing your sensual aliveness! Navigate your world through pleasure. Reconnect with your animal nature. Descend into your flesh and commune with your softness. Rediscover yourself as this wild, holy, innocent, powerful creature who was just misunderstood and made to feel the burden of society’s unconscious fear of itself.

Make peace with your power and with your shame. And let them both set you free.


Alexandra Sertage is a free spirit whose greatest loves include poetry, magic, and the soul. She passionately believes that by exploring our dark sides, we can radically awaken and liberate ourselves from old patterns that hold us back and keep us limited.


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