What Happens When an Illusion Finally Ends? {poetry}

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As a typical Pisces, who loves to romanticize illusions and stories, lately I’ve been into the magical business of romanticizing the Earth elements and the Truth as it is.

Conducting loving ceremonies with the Earth regularly, dancing in silence, daily photography, meditative painting and exchanging Zen sessions, I now feel I do belong to this Earth with all its pleasures and pain.

The cosmic homesickness I’ve felt for ages is now transformed into a brand new feeling. It’s exciting for me to realize that we can’t trust our mind because that is what creates the illusions in the first place. Carrying the question What does it mean to belong to the Earth as a repeated Zen koan gave me enchanting insights.

Thanks to this enchantment and witnessing myself and my beautiful clients waking up from their fear-based illusions, I have moved into the house of being and am more drawn to writing poetry now.

“What happens when an illusion finally ends?”
asked Alice.
“A real dream blossoms.”
“And how do you clear yourself of illusions?”
“If there’s a wind outside, you may let its wilderness touch, travel through and clear you.”
“What if there is no wind outside?”
“Then you create your own loving wind.”
“How do you do that?”
“Start with your sacred feet, honey.
Feel them, really feel them.
Feel how they connect you to the Earth.
Listen to the song your precious feet sing to you.
While listening, give yourself the permission to notice that you are inhaling the ‘spirit’ every time you breathe…
and now connect the song of your feet to your breath full of spirit,
and from there, notice your heartbeat.
Listen to its invitation, she might say to you,
“Here, listen, I am always beating as clear as the morning sun.
I have a loving tempo for you
There had never been a moment when I skipped a beat for you
Now put your hand on me
and listen to my beat
feel the clarity of this beat
and come back to this beat
to this effortless mastery
this aliveness
this rhythm free of illusions.”
Now that you are intimate with your feet, breath and heart, it’s time to listen to your blossoming dream:
You just woke up from an illusion, honey —
An illusion that whatever crossed your mind was true,
that you had to believe what your looping mind keeps telling you.
You woke up from an illusion
that meditation was just a dream.
You just woke up from an illusion
that the lips of wisdom were closed to your deaf ears .
You just woke up from an illusion
that you should not stand in the dark,
that darkness would swallow you
if you didn’t run from it.
You woke up from an illusion
that you weren’t what you longed for.
You woke up from an illusion that there was something more precious than self-love.
You woke up, honey.”


elifdur-100x84Elif Dur is a devoted student of self-discovery, a photographer of the visible magic, a good-hearted witch, and a Zen coach. She often considers herself a part-time Alice in her own reality, chasing the extraordinary within the ordinary with a camera. She is particularly inspired by Sufism, shamanic rituals, and Zen coaching. She lives in Istanbul, where she occasionally exhibits her photography to remind people of the daily life magic. She also loves to inspire others through her writing. She now gives Zen coaching sessions to those who are willing to hold compassionate space for themselves and have a spontaneous, authentic journey into their essence. You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.


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