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Feel the Pain in Its Entirety Before You Can Heal.


Before rising to new levels of consciousness, you must first drop the low vibrational energies holding you down.

Judgment, shame, fear, guilt, gossip, hatred, jealousy, conformity, dogma, division, blame, blind obedience and self-denial exist within deep wounds. To know which of these are plaguing you, get honest with yourself. What ruffles your feathers? What do you do when you are triggered? What emotions do you project onto other people? This is how you begin to heal the pain.

Tell yourself the truth about yourself with no judgment toward yourself. Explore the hard questions in silence and stillness until the answers appear.

Healing your wounds requires the ability to let go of belief systems you cling to for dear life. It begs you to open the mind to possibility. It asks you to admit you don’t have it quite as figured out as you’d like others to believe you do. It insists you trade in self-righteousness for holy curiosity. The ego must die in order to attain enlightenment.

This is an inside job and commands your undivided attention. Nobody can do the work for you. You must go alone into the depths and darkness of your private world where truth resides. Underneath each wound, you will discover a treasure chest of ancient wisdom. The deeper you dig, the more you will find.

Each scar contains powerful messages from your ancestors to help you get where you are going. You will need to feel the pain in its entirety before you can heal and move forward. The deeper the cut, the higher the calling. You are retrieving compelling information you have forgotten. You are remembering who you were before they told you what to be, before you lost your innocence.

The remembering will lead you home to yourself. You have strayed far away from the soul of who you are, but you are slowly finding your way back.

Let go of anything hindering you from aligning with your highest self. While some relationships will unconditionally support your metamorphosis, you may have to walk away from those stunting your growth.

This severance is in no way personal and does not have to be dramatic. Oftentimes, the other person will naturally pull away from you when your frequency shifts. In other cases, you may need to cut ties. You may even renounce destructive habits, behavioral patterns, a job, a place or a commitment you’ve made.

You are answering a call from another world and will need to leave behind what no longer serves your purpose. Each step of your journey must be made with intention and bravery.

Once you have healed your pain in the underworld, you will emerge from the depths of destruction as a protector of light with infinite love, a warrior mind and nothing left to prove. You have reclaimed your power and restored connection with your heart. You are free to be who you came here to be without apology and walk this earth with a conviction you’ve never known.

Awakening to the truth of who you are is undoubtedly the most bone-chilling and grief-stricken task you will undertake in this lifetime, but you will be rewarded with spiritual gifts beyond your wildest dreams and breathe easy knowing everything is happening exactly as fate would have it.


Zella Sage is a forest nymph, wild mystic and healing artist. Her free spirit, combined with an inexhaustible curiosity, has led her on an endless walkabout through life to learn about human behavior, cultural conditioning and ancestral wisdom. As a leader of well-being retreats and workshops, she has been teaching Yoga for 18+ years while encouraging others to restore connection to self through mindful movement, deep breath work and plant medicine. Feel free to contact Zella through her website Zella Sage or Instagram.


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