Always Make Room for Her. {poetry}


On the teeter-totter of finely woven strings
Of birthing a transformational You
And holding the grasp of the past You
There is a dawn of balancing where you observe yourself living right on the edge
Teeter-tottering between the transformational You
And the past You
You weave back and forth
In and out
Accompanying one and then the other
Watering both of them
They are both seeds within you
But the task, my darling, is not what you think…
But yes
You’re right,
Leaning into the birth of your transformation is exquisitely divine
But come back for a moment…
Where does the past go?
It has held space for you
It has been your teacher
Stepped up and been your guide
It was always there for you
Holding you
Allowing you to grow and bloom into whoever you wished to be
It was always there
It was You
So what do we do with it?
Where do we put it?
What do we do with the past You?
Surely we do not banish her
Surely we do not abandon her
She is a part of us
Just like our inner child
Like that once-was acne-painted teenage girl
That once-was young 20-something-year-old woman graduating college
She is still there
She is still us
She is our past
So abandoning our past would mean abandoning her
Banishing and forgetting our past would mean banishing and forgetting her
Who wants to be forgotten?
Who wants to be abandoned?
So darling,
What do we do with our past?
Where do we put it?
We consciously and ever so gently take her with us
We invite her in
We make room for her and we let her take a seat in the room
We will not abandon any part of ourselves
For we would not be where we are right now
And would have not learnt those gorgeous and painfully brutal but honest lessons we have without her
She was there
She walked through it
Through the fire
Through the blaze
Through the treacherous dark caverns
Through the screaming and the crying
And over to the other side
Can’t you see now, darling goddess, that you are a Phoenix
You rise from the deepest vortex of your smoldering ashes as you learn and heal only to break apart again and learn and heal
Learn and heal
Learn and heal
Your knowledge grows like the nebula pulsing into the wake of a supernova
Expanding, then exploding
Thinking it is dying
But it is not dying at all
It is birthing into anew
A new transformation
Birthing like a Phoenix
A new awakening of your consciousness that is now much more grand than before
But you’re still You
You are your past
You are your ancestors
You are your earth
You are your soul
Your angels
Your guides,
You are your humanity
You are your stars
You are your foreign planets
You are your blood and your bones and your emotions and your flesh
So do not abandon any part of You
Do not banish or forget her
Hold her dearly and hold her gently
Delicately and lovingly
Place her in your room
Your heart-center room
Do not place her front and center
There is a transformational You that now resides there
But always
Always save room for her.


Kelsey Faye is a writer, filmmaker, photographer, traveler and Theta Healing practitioner. One of her life dedications and missions is healing. Her writings are raw, empowering and authentic to her soul. She has an immensely strong passion to empower women, reminding them that they are goddesses in a beautifully crafted human body, and writes about her healing work, re-claiming feminine divinity and soul embodiment. Kelsey currently lives in Alberta, Canada, and will most often be found bathing naked in the sunshine, talking to the constellations, climbing a mountain range, photographing an alpine glacial lake, traveling and adventuring in new, exotic places, or practicing yoga in the grass.


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