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The Voice of Our Soul: What You Want Is Calling You.


What you want is calling you too, said a strong whisper of wisdom passing from ear to ear.

The mind can be a dangerous place to play with circumstances, but the wisdom of the soul won’t lie. The trick is learning to discern which is which. That’s one of the reasons why we’re here on this planet: to learn what true alignment is.

Alignment with what? Alignment with your soul’s purpose and its deep devotion to the healing matrix of the planet. You see, each of us is here with a specific mission: to heal, guide and lead others on their soul journeys too.

All folks are in different phases of their soul’s evolution, but even the youngest of souls are here as a guiding light for those younger still, because the earth is an endless matrix of energy that exists from rebirth after rebirth after rebirth.

This is the simplest truth of life: it is limitless in its scope and reaches forever into eternity. Like the infinity loop, we’re just on one end or another depending on where our current frequency lies.

Frequency is the vibration we physically hold as we are carried through the labyrinth of experiences defined by our healing. The further we are along our soul’s path of unfolding, the higher the frequency or vibration that we carry. That’s why when some people walk into a room, you can just feel their presence. A high vibration is like that: embodied and powerful. It calls your attention without words.

Oftentimes people are drawn inexplicably toward folks because their soul yearns to learn from that person’s frequency. But ultimately, it depends on the free will of the individual to determine whether they’ll do their inner spiritual work to align with the message that their soul feels in that moment.

At some point, everyone will do their inner work. After all, that is another purpose of being here on Earth. The soul wants to know what it feels like to experience freedom in a third-dimensional setting. Because, after we’ve fulfilled our unique missions on earth, the dimensions our souls pass to hereafter are entirely energetic.

Arguably, this is why hard or challenging events are sometimes called-in. So that the human form can learn how to heal, and experience what that freedom feels like. Almost no one wants to be told things. So, it’s in actually working through perceived obstacles that true letting-go is somatically embraced.

Knowing this, when we hear the subtle whisper of our soul’s voice to a person or a place, we can rest into the grace of knowing that we’re there for a reason. And that, ultimately, every move we make is guided.

To trust in the guidance of our soul and relax into its effervescent energy is the place of true alignment with Spirit. And whilst that may sound simple in theory, any spiritual warrior knows that the life of ascension is anything but that.

Remember, what you want is calling you too. Meditate and rest into the space of your heart, and trust the path that carries you. Blessings on your journeys.


Megan Mulligan is a student of life, Source, creativity, and light. A Kundalini yogi, Osho meditator, video producer, writer, and creator, her intention is to bring peace into the world with words, energy, and goodness, and to raise the vibrations with the frequency of pure love. Find more on her website.


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