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5 Thoughts Jamming Your Intuition Frequency.


As a traveling 35-year-old divorced woman, the three most common words I heard were:

Eat, Pray, and Love.

It’s an embarrassingly accurate description.

The three main plot differences I can see between my story and Liz’s:

  • I chose to study Spanish in Spain, not Italian in Italy
  • I avoided the Temazcal ceremony in Mexico, Liz went to an ashram in India
  • Liz had two mystical guides, I had nine

My guides covered the scientific to spiritual spectrum, starting with traditional talk therapy, and ending with connecting with guides on the psychic plane.

I went further along the cosmic string hoping to find a parallel universe with the answers I was looking for, but alas, whether it was six hours on a couch, or 45 minutes with crystals and cards, the final insight would always be the same: learn to listen to your intuition.

The problem was my intuition sounded like the silence you pray for when you’re trying to sleep. There wasn’t a rustle, cricket, or tweet.

Until I started to see the thoughts that were getting in the way and jamming the frequency to my intuition. Here are the five thoughts I identified and how I learned to move past them.

1. What will be different?

This sneaky thought removes your trust that things would be better if they were different. The fear of the unknown presents itself as complacency.

The trick here is to get clear on what you want to be different. Get really specific, then create a mini scenario to test it out.

For example, if you dream of moving to the countryside, take a weekend trip. Research, find the home you’d love to live in, get into the details, and find ways to test them out. This helps you build trust in yourself and your dreams.

2. I’ve done this before.

This sentence is like quicksand. It won’t just keep you stuck, it will make you sink.

There is a deep disillusionment that comes from:

a. Trying hard and not seeing results

or potentially worse,

b. Getting the results you want and feeling totally dissatisfied

If you’ve tried it all before, forget about the activities and focus on the feelings. What is the feeling state you desire? Then work backwards from there.

3. It’s out of my hands.

If there is one year that has collectively shown us the power of our environment, it’s 2020. External circumstances matter. When it feels like the powers that be are conspiring against us as individuals, it’s easy to feel powerless.

When these thoughts show up, it’s in the wiggle room that we can find our strength. Literally get into your body and wriggle it. Dancing works too. Begin to feel the power you do have, and see what inspiration shows up.

4. I don’t know where to start.

Overwhelm can make dreams feel impossible, they can seem too big to know where to start. In these moments, I bring Missy Elliott to mind and think how I can ‘I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it’.

This means I draw out what I want the end to look like, normally with basic stick figures on any paper available. That picture helps me find a small first step I can take.

5. I’d be all alone if I did that.

I dream of a life off the grid. In nature, growing beautiful food, and morning swims in an icy pond. Part of that dream is having people around who I love and respect. But the more I think about that dream, the harder it is to imagine who would be there with me. I see the escape into nature as isolating. Who would join me?

This is the trickiest mental jam for me. It’s also been the most powerful workaround I’ve found. I needed to see examples of what is possible. I’m finding role models. People who are living the life I desire so I can learn from them piece by piece.

I’m also motivated to be an example of what is possible for others whose intuition has been silenced and who are afraid, disillusioned, feel powerless, and overwhelmed.

Why you should listen to your intuition

Getting clear on your vision and values are the keys to tapping into your intuition.

Once you’re in flow with your intuition, you have insight and energy. Possibility appears in new thoughts like:

  • I have no idea how different it will be until I experience it
  • I haven’t done it this way before
  • It’s within my hands when I take action
  • I’m starting small and taking one step today
  • I’m willing to meet a new community of people who appreciate and support me

I can see why my nine guides all pointed me in this direction. My intuition has led me to the parallel universe I was looking for.


Leigh Wallett is a clarity coach who helps biz owners get clear on their vision, values, and personal power so decisions are a breeze, action is easy and life is like a dream. She’s living her dream, swimming in icy water, and dancing to Latino pop music as part of her continued Spanish education.


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