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Share Your Human Experience With Others.


Make room for me, dear fellow human, let me sit with you in your darkness.

The pain you are exposing, the deep sadness in your watery eyes, the low depths you are in, are just inevitable aspects of living. They say this side of us does not make us loveable, but it is not a failing, it is part of your human experience and it is a temporary season.

Have you often heard things like You’re too much, I cannot cope with you, I am out of my depth when I am with you, etc.?  Yes, I have heard them too, but there are also new beginnings and moments to appreciate, which are just waiting for you to grab them by your wonderfully creative hands.

And the labels they gave you? They feel branded on you at the moment, but it is a category to ensure you get the right treatment and support. Mine was tightly stitched on, but it is worn now. It has become a bit loose through living all these years. Really, it was only ever meant to help, and I now focus on being me these days. My old label is in the distant background, and shows up when I see fit to use it.

Language, they say, can be restricting and might feel brutal sometimes, but remember the beauty and power of words lies in those who speak them. You can change perspectives, be in charge of the debate, add value with your take on scenarios. Your language can be that of supreme confidence.

We know you never asked for this condition, but be gentle with yourself when the heaviness overburdens you. Learn to acknowledge this shadow side of yourself. It is a part of you, and does eventually tire and walk away unconquered.

You might not think anyone understands. Well, those people do exist. I have met human angels guised as medics and good Samaritans from all walks of life. I have spoken to people in hospital beds, who have given me their last rallying call, seen men on railway benches with tears in their eyes commiserating with me.

You and I will discover our guardian angels, and they will give us comfort, so when you are stuck, you will ponder what that close relative or that perceptive teacher, who believed in you, would have said.

Also, keep in mind how refreshing Nature is to your soul. Taking long walks with a loved one, inhaling fresh air, absorbing the beauty around you — it is almost as if we become part of this natural sensation at this point, while we are talking, unraveling, opening up and feeling healthier as we progress on our route.

Your body will also find it easier to forget the cares of yesterday after a good night’s sleep. It will thank you when you wash away the day’s grime and stress.

Sooner or later you will meet people who will bring out the best in you. You will start to thrive and your passions and purposes will become evident. Throw yourself into these pursuits and you will naturally shine from within.

Life is not meant to be easy. The kindest and most beautiful people I have encountered have suffered adversity and strongly swam through to the other side with their knowledge intact and a better appreciation of what it means to be human.

Please do me a favor. Pass this message on, so it cascades eventually onto all doorsteps, all corners of the earth and into all minds and hearts. For sharing our humanness with others is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other.


Since joining a writing group at work at a London University, Keri France has become more productive. She now has 20 published articles and a short story to her credit. Currently working on various projects. Keri surrounds herself with real, creative people, and is fascinated by people who surprise and choose what they want to be.


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