Revering Our Bodies in Sickness.


Disease is our body’s way of telling us it’s not pleased with something we are doing, usually pertaining to an ongoing choice that’s related to self-destruction.

This can be mild, in the form of small bouts of sleep deprivation or work burnout, or severe, when one bad habit after another governs our daily routine: bad sleep, bad food, too much sugar, pent-up emotions, build up resentments, undealt emotions, unlived confrontations that can be uncomfortable but needed for the purpose of standing up for ourselves and conflict resolution with other people.

Over the long term, these toxic routines and behavioral preconditions develop into chronic illness when we go against our bodies for too long. However, the mainstream narrative wants us to address sickness with a focalized treatment with specific pills for limb pain, sleeping troubles, heart disease, etc.

In other words, conventional medicine, unlike alternative medicine, does not focus on root causes, seeing the body, mind and soul connection as the complete assessment for health and wellness, and most certainly does not want us to focus on preventative medicine, because no one in the medical industry benefits from our buying more broccoli, do they?

Why do we get sick?

Our body is the instrument which expresses all the conditions that are unseen but reside within. For it to manifest externally, it must meet the requirements of being stuffed-in, unacknowledged and undealt with for too long. Our bodies respond to trauma by showing physically visible signs of discomfort.

Having said that, now is a good time to go ahead and forgive ourselves for everything that has happened to us, everything we have done, and everything that is to come, because we are learning higher ways of living that are not reduced to getting by and staying in coping mode, forever sheltered but unhappy.

We get sick because we let time pass us by or we race death, in the sense of making it count. We get sick because we keep working at jobs we don’t like. We get sick because we stay quiet when we wish to speak. We get sick because we leave to escape and not to transform. We get sick because we take on burdens that are not our own. We get sick because we are helpless to change the world.

We have an emotional channel that perceives everything around us, and that our mind can barely comprehend because emotions in the modern world are either inconveniences that lead to drama that is meant to be discarded quickly or they are simply not real.

Not only that, we are encouraged to exclusively live out our positive emotions because the yucky ones attract bad things, causing people to drift away from us and preventing us from accomplishing our goals.

Actually, the glory about emotions is that they hold stories. That’s right! Anytime we are triggered emotionally, a voice note starts playing in our heads, maybe in the form of thoughts  — I’m not good enough, I’m not deserving, I’m a horrible person — but they oftentimes trigger full-on memories of trauma, for example, of that time we said this or that and someone reacted badly and we felt ashamed.

So sickness is the result of stuffing up emotions for too long and never really expressing them. We walk our lives wearing emotional concealer and heart primer and we wonder why all of a sudden God, life or the Universe knocks us down in bed for months with a flu or a serious illness. Even the anger we feel is our sickness enabling us to finally express an emotion.

Being sick teaches us to honor our bodies, to listen to our emotions, to express them, to tell people to leave us alone or to learn how to ask for help, to live day-to-day instead of in this imaginary construct called future or wallowing over the past. It stops us in our tracks not because we failed but because we wanted something different from what we were calling a life. It is an ultimate chance for rebirth!

So just like anything we must surrender to, sickness forces us into an involuntary stop in life. Like getting our electricity cut off because we didn’t pay the bill, and as a result learning new ways to chop wood and light a fire by dusk.

Sickness does not determine who we are, but it shows us who we are capable of becoming, and people who experience spontaneous recoveries usually have the same patterns. They learned that they had to improve the quality of their lives beyond the imposed ones they were living just to please others or fit into a norm.

In a sense, they become freer and more authentic after recovery, and highly intuitive to their surroundings and how they are affected by them.

Sickness metaphorically marks a crossroads for a person who was living life too constricted, and offers them a choice to live lighter upon healing. And most people who have physically healed after spending long periods of time in bed are never the same people they were before their sickness. To them, the sickness served as a great divide between survive and thrive, later understood as a blessing in disguise.

Life is eternally evolving and changing, and when we don’t do the adjustments ourselves, the clean-up is sure to happen on its own. And although the strife feels so real at the moment, the battle holds such priceless lessons that once we are on the other side of the tunnel, we will never want to go back to our old lives, because we have been reborn, given our own set of wings and a tribe that carried us all along.

Why would we possibly want to voluntarily suffer after that? Recovery shows us that life can finally be amazing. Our life is our party, not one inclined towards self-destruction, and we are the most valued and awaited guests of honor. Recovery shows us how all these years our bodies have just been the quiet temples that were waiting for us to finally show up.


Laura Piquero is an author and life coach with a background in NLP and certified in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. Break the spell from the 3D matrix and exit the preconditioned human experience and onto the authentic one with Laura’s book Starseed Recall on Being Human: Rants of an alien waking up. A whole new world lies ahead of us and our time is now.


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