Aum: Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Out Completely. {poetry}


I am mad, I am mad
Totally, utterly mad

Naked, I walk upon the moon
Whisper to the stars
Tease them, don’t allow them to rest
They do not send me away, they laugh at me, it seems
They glow even more

She’s mad, she’s mad, they say,
She took the rainbow colors and put them all over herself
She took the whole sky and painted it in magical paints
And she is repeating one letter relentlessly in her head
She painted the sky with the letter L

Starts, shut up for a moment, will you?
You too, Moon
We are busy, can’t you see?
We are drawing now, time to draw beautiful-i-ties across the Universe
And utter sweet love poems aloud

All of the poems of E. E. Cummings
They are not lame! Don’t say that!
They are beautiful
They are so beautiful in their simplicity —
They are all what people call precious works of art

Let’s just utter them together
Let’s put a ding in the Universe


Seeking and seeking I was
Suns after suns, moons after moons
Then one day I just stopped right in the middle —
Inside nothingness, chanting
Then a mirror opened before me —
A portal of the most delicate kind
Chanting, I saw myself blooming thus
Inside the eyes of the guru

When you are ready, a guru appears…

Guru is a mirror
Of yourself
Growing beautifully
Into an exquisite flower
Of the most mysterious kind
Only… when I write in my own native language,
the forbidden one, I burn in constant fire
Like a rose…


Chant it alone
Chant it with the guru
Produce the most exquisite of sounds
Most perfect of gongs — chant it again and again and again
Then the walls will start to tremble
And then there will be no more walls
Believe it, don’t question it —
The realm of other dimensions
The mirror
Which is a pool
Inside the eyes of the guru

The stars know
And so does the Moon


The moon is full
The end of 2020 — apocalypse time
Terrence McKenna only messed up the numbers,
Everything else is straight to the point
Ancient people knew
What modern people are persistently trying to forget
And some lunatic occasionally appears behind some form of art
To shout it all aloud:
The whole world has gone mad
Utterly, totally mad

It’s not the same madness, you know
Glowing in its complete simplicity
With the stars and the moon;
It’s the ravaging sound of the rotten capitalism
Brainwashing everything that stands in its way

I do not care
I float
Like a river
On an imaginary boat
Taking me to Neverland
(it’s not forbidden to utter that name,
But try and utter the name of my country, if you dare…)

Where are you from? To that question I better answer: Never Neverland
Better that, than to answer it wrongly by giving the right answer!!!

What is behind a name?
(my words echo thus in your mind)
Starting with the letter, with the letter M

Shh, says the moon
And silent are the stars —
Don’t use the forbidden letter. Chant instead aloud:
Aum! Aum! Aum!


Turn on, tune in, and drop out completely.


Viola Damjanovski is from Skopje, Macedonia. She writes and translates poetry and short stories, and loves the avant-garde and unordinary. While she was young, Viola used to sing in a goth-psychedelic band (part of the bands consisting the first Macedonian Rock Encyclopedia). She has published short stories and poetry online under a pseudonym, and loves words, music, paintings, and everything out of the ordinary.


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