Let’s Stop This Legacy of Harm: Letter to Mother Earth. {poetry}


As we turn again towards another year, the need for an ecological revolution grows with urgent momentum.

This is up to us all.  Our collective future is calling.


Dear Mother Earth,

How could you have known
The devastation we have sown?
Not seeds of nature,
Seeds of greed,
On which the largest
Companies feed.
77 percent of pollution
Is caused by 100 firms
We need a solution.

The climate is on the brink of 3 degrees.
We are in a bind, we have to break free.
To save the Amazon Forest from ruination,
There must be a collective formulation.

From the parasitic behavior humans impose.
We heard the Attenborough speech, everyone knows.
This planet called home is not for sale.
We must not crack water shelves drilling for shale.
The oceans are not ours to pollute and maim.
Sea-beds, eco-systems destroyed are our shame.

A re-wilding, a greener growth beckons
And is ready to go.
The politicians must do more than speak
And must be ready to show.
The poverty, the imbalance of our humanities bargain,
Has now reached the limits for capturing carbon.

Restoration, balance, sharing and a
Future that cannot wait.
No longer can we project
A start date.

Now is the time for change

So do what you can to promote
Nature’s bloom.
Use fewer resources,
Give green shoots the room.
To slow down extinction,
Recover, and grow.
Re-wild, re-cycle, plant trees
Nature will flow.

From our best of humanity,
We can do this, I’m sure.
Being accountable
Is the only real cure.
Green Tech can be tasked to repair
This big rock.
No one’s in a position
To challenge or mock.

The saving of our planet is for
All to share.
The rich can’t count their money
When there’s no fresh air.
Hold governments to their word
To go carbon-free
Stop projects which rip up
Even one ancient tree.

A new normal to save all species, our planet,
the World Food Web.
It is up to all of us to take
Action on how we are fed
Eat more home-grown,
Plant more home-sown,
Use other forms of heat in the home.
Drive less, cycle more,
Stop the palm oil on our shore.
Reduce our carbon footprint, and selfish ways,
And move forward with hope for happier days.

Pandemics arise when abuse of
Species corrupt the food chain.
Stop this legacy of harm, let it
Not be our blame.
Mother Nature, you have called us to
Change our ways and take heed.
Let us learn, let us listen,
let us stop the human greed.

With love, we send this prayer high
And to the universe beyond our sky.
Nurture us, your children,
We’ve made a mistake.
Forgive, restore and heal,
So we can give back, not take.

From a hopeful admirer.


During COVID-19, Alison Arrowsmith chose to retire and truly get herself as fit as she possibly could, after a career spanning 40 years as a nurse/account manager and therapist.


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