What Nobody Talks About in the Body-Love Convo.


For young teenagers in the early 2000s, there were no body-positive babes to look up to. To inspire us to feel comfortable with our bodies.

To make us feel that the way our bodies look does not get us that happiness and validation we so want as teenagers.

Heat magazine was filled with skinny minnie celebrities and photos taking the piss out of celebrities and their cellulite.

It is very twisted up that this was the media we chowed down with great appetite as 14-year-old girls.

Today it’s different. Young girls today have more reality-accepting, body-embracing babes to look up to.

We’re finally acknowledging that there is no prototype-ideal human shape. And we’re seeing more and more reality-accepting, body-embracing babes on the Gram to inspire, comfort and support us in changing the messed-up narrative we had running previously about how our bodies should look.

I’ve wasted so much time on hating my body and on trying to control my body, and then damaging myself through the anxiety around how my body looked.

I want no other human to waste their life hating and controlling their body. It doesn’t need to happen.

Okay, so how do I actually start loving my body?

The really sad thing is, though, that there isn’t exactly much practical information or support out there on how to fall in love with your body and why this is so important.

It’s cool and all to say “love your body,” “accept your body,” “stop sucking it in”… but how, babes?

That’s why I do the work I do — to show, teach and support babes like you to actually love their bodies. Like properly fall in love with their bodies, and therefore, themselves.

There’s something nobody is talking about in the body-love convos. The massive puzzle piece in all this body-love business. The part that’s really gonna turbocharge how in love you are with your body.

And by in love with your body, I am talking about: better sex, more magnetism, more confidence, better health, no guilt from enjoying food, more happiness, and a ton of pride and turn-on when you look at your fine ass in the mirror.

What’s this massive puzzle piece? Loving your sexuality. Connecting with your pussy or c0ck consciously. Embracing the sacredness, the power and the magic of your sexuality.

Your dragon of shame is what’s holding you back from full-on body-love.

How do you do this? How do you embrace the sacredness, the power and the magic of your sexuality?

To do this, you need to slay the dragon of shame that keeps you from properly loving your sexuality. The dragon of shame that has kept us its slave, thanks to millennia of conditioning from religion, culture, relatives, governments, the media.

Once on the path to becoming the rightful owner of your sexuality, you unlock the door and flip the switch to permanent body-love and all the good shit that comes with it. Like better sex, more magnetism, more confidence, better health, no guilt from enjoying food, more happiness, and a ton of pride and turn-on when you look at your fine ass in the mirror.

The body is sexuality and sexuality is the body.

In other words, sexuality and the body are one and the same. One cannot truly exist without the other. Even though most of us are walking around right now, feeling dead disconnected from our bodies. Am I right?

It’s like this — you want to enjoy guacamole, you’ve got to enjoy avocados. Want to enjoy hamburgers, you’ve gotta kinda like meat.

To truly love your body, you need to love your sexuality and embrace the power of your sexuality. Your body is literally made of and from sex.

Sure, you can try loving your body while denying your sacred and animal sexuality. But you’ll only be loving it surface-level. Like how that ex of yours loved you. Only skin-deep.

Let me get personal for a minute. Let me share some gnarly details from my own rocky-as-hell road to finally loving my sexy-ass body.

When I was 16, I used to weigh 40 kg, and was addicted to exercise. It was my crack. I was also getting off on eating very little. I got artificially high from the dopamine hits from seeing my bones becoming more visible and the number on the scales going down.

Fast forward a few years and I am in my mid-20s. On the outside, it looked like I had my shit together. I was a healthy weight. I didn’t only eat fruit and vegetables. I didn’t spend four hours a day exercising. But really, I wasn’t loving my body at all. How can you love something you’re numb to?

And, you know what? My experience of life — suffering, self-doubt, choices that violated boundaries I didn’t even realize I had or wanted — reflected this lack of love. Waking up to the sacred fire that was burning inside all along.

Things got seriously up-levelled when I discovered, at age 30 — like humans discovering fire for the first time — the sacred fire of my own sexuality. When I tapped into the volcanic energy that lies within always, but that I was always numb to.

Boom. This was inside me all along? My pussy is a massive source of inspiration, wisdom, potency and pleasure? I don’t need to abuse my body to gain acceptance and validation?

My awareness exploded with wisdom bombs cracking off like fireworks from the depths of my body. I had drilled down and struck gold. I had struck the juice.

Your juice is your power and secret sauce to full-on body-love.

And it’s this juice that is the fuel to extreme body-love. To flipping that switch permanently from “Ugh, you’re such a fat piece of…” to radically getting off on dancing naked and touching yourself in the mirror.

To hit that juice — the fuel that makes not loving your body kinda impossible — you gotta get dirty and start getting off on your sexuality. Loving your body takes work, girl!

Loving your body is awesome ‘n all… but it is way easier said than done. Why? ‘Cos no one tells you how. And even if they did, it takes a lotta work and commitment. To you. From you.

What doesn’t help is that the big massive puzzle piece is left out: that falling in love with your sexuality opens the door quickly, juicily and permanently to radical love of your body. Nail that and body-love will just appear out of thin air. Trust.


Based in the Peruvian Amazon, where she also makes organic cacao, Caroline Knight is a biochemistry graduate, qualified massage therapist, naked yoga teacher, and body-love coach who helps people reconnect and fall in love with their bodies deeply and permanently. To find out more about body-love coaching and how she can help you fall in love with you, you could follow Caroline on Instagram.


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